“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 1996

2 03 2014

I got a message from WordPress yesterday – it’s my 4th anniversary posting on this blog.  Funny to think where I was 4 years ago when I started writing posts about baseball cards and where I am today.  The changes in my life are far more than the changes this blog has had – though those changes have been significant.

Anyways, continuing on with the Last Card theme – here’s 1996.


1996 Topps Kirby Puckett

Best Player to retire in 1995.   Kirby Puckett (Hall of Famer).

Did he have a 1996 card?   Yes – Too many to note.

Puckett had tons of cards in 1996, because he hadn’t officially retired yet.  He went to Spring Training in 1996, and was playing outstanding ball when he woke up at the end of March with no vision in his right eye.  Three surgeries couldn’t fix the issue and he had to retire in July of that year.

Apologies to:   Dave Winfield (Hall of Famer).  I think I’d get some serious argument that Winfield was the better player than Puckett, but I’m going not just off of purely how good they were, but also thinking of their cardboard following.  Puckett was, at his peak, probably a little better than Winfield, and he’s a Minnesota baseball icon.  Winfield had quite a few cards in 1996, but not a Topps card unfortunately.

Also retiring in 1995 were Lou Whitaker and Don Mattingly. Whitaker is an extremely underrated player who should have gotten more Hall of Fame love.




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