“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 1995

2 03 2014


1995 Topps 90 Reds Larkin

Best Player to retire in 1994.   Goose Gossage (Hall of Famer).

Did he have a 1995 card?   Yes – Collector’s Choice, Collector’s Choice SE, Score, Upper Deck.

1995 Upper Deck Gossage

Gossage didn’t get a Topps card, but had a few others with his full stat line.  I haven’t seen a custom 1995 Topps card made on the ‘net.

Apologies to:   Jack Morris.  I almost put Morris up as the “best player” as opposed to Gossage.  Both are pretty close, and Morris has the recognition from that 1991 World Series game.  But Gossage has the Hall of Fame plaque and the handlebar mustache, and that makes him a little more notable to me.  Morris doesn’t have a Topps card either, but he did have a card in Ultra and Collector’s Choice in 1995.




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