We interrupt this series for some Red Turkeys

25 02 2014

I bought 6 boxes of Turkey Red from the Topps website last week, and they came in yesterday.  I don’t think they’re going to be as popular as last year (though they are sold out), and I know online exclusives aren’t everybody’s favorite.  But I’ve been busy as hell and I liked the ones last year.  They come in a pretty cool box that looks like an old school cigarette pack, so that’s cool.

I’m just going to do one box/pack for now, then get back to my series of last cards.  I’ll open the other 5 whenever audit season (my job) winds down.  That said – who was the first card?  A real turkey!

2014 Turkey Red Braun

Gobble up those steroids!!!  The design is honestly a little weird.  I thought the mock-ups on Topps’ website might be fake, but it’s almost too simplistic.  I like the coloring of the photos, though, so it’s got some redeemable qualities.

You get 11 cards in a pack.  Here are the other 9 regular cards.  Reigning 2-time MVP is a good thing.

2014 Turkey Red box 1

And here’s my auto.  This is #’d out of 99, which if you went off last year means it’s a rarer auto than most.  Delabar is one of only a few pitchers to throw an “immaculate inning”, striking out 3 batters on 9 pitches.

2014 Turkey Red Delabar



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