“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 1988

24 02 2014


1988 Topps Wade Boggs

Best Player to retire in 1987.   Reggie Jackson (Hall of Famer)

Did he have a 1988 card?   Yes – 1988 Fleer, Score and Sportflics

1988 Score Reggie Jackson

Reggie’s last Topps card was from 1987 Topps Traded, which shows him back with the team that he started with, the A’s.  But he was featured in two mainstream sets the next year that show off his final career stats.  First, he has a Fleer card.  Second, he’s honored in a 5-card subset in the first Score set.  Card #504 shows him in his second tenure with the A’s.  He also has a card in Sportflics.  Uncle Doc’s Card Closet has again come through with a fine custom-made card of Reggie on a 1988 Topps design.

Apologies to:   Phil Niekro (Hall of Famer).  Like Jackson, Niekro had one last stop with the franchise he started, though Niekro pitched just one game for the braves in 1987 after being released by Cleveland and Toronto earlier in the year.  Niekro didn’t have a regular 1988 Topps card either, but he is featured in the record breaker subset next to his brother Joe for breaking the record (previously held by Gaylord and Jim Perry) of combined wins by a sibling tandem*.  Phil does have a card in 1988 Score showing him in his last stint with the Braves.

1988 Classic red Niekro

As far as I know, there is only one card depicting Niekro’s brief (3 starts) tenure with the Toronto Blue Jays – it’s of the oddball variety, 1988 Classic Red.

* – Trivia question – what two brothers have the most combined career home runs (hint – both were teammates of Niekro’s)? 




2 responses

24 02 2014

Trivia answer: Henry and Tommie Aaron, if I’m not mistaken.

Love this series, especially now that we’re getting into the years I was collecting the first time around.

24 02 2014

That’s correct! Any way you slice it. Tommie had 13 career homers, which is more than anyone even if you wanted to count Barry Bonds’ younger brother (who peaked at triple A).

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