“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 1984

21 02 2014


1984 Topps Fergie Jenkins

Best Player to retire in 1983.   Johnny Bench (Hall of Famer)

Did he have a 1984 card?   Yes – 1984 Fleer

1984 Fleer Johnny Bench

Bench had a card in Fleer with his full statistical prowess highlighted on the back, but not from Topps.  He did have a highlight card along with Yaz and Gaylord Perry, but no single player card in Topps or Donruss.


Was a “retro” card ever produced?   None that I know of.  Writer’s Journey made a custom of Bench that is appropriate – he was no longer a catcher at the end of his career.

Apologies to:   Carl Yastrzemski (Hall of Famer).  This is a big “apology” – who’s the better player between Yaz or Bench?  Both are in the short list of the best at their positions.  Bench is probably the best catcher to every play the game, which is why I put him ahead of Yastrzemski.  

Yaz was also featured on a Fleer card, but not a single-player card with Topps or Donruss.  Writer’s Journey also did a custom of Yaz.  This was a heck of a retirement year – in addition to Yastrzemski and Bench, Hall of Famers Perry and Fergie Jenkins hung up their cleats.  Like the other two, Perry also was only included in the 1984 Fleer set as far as single-player cards go.  Jenkins was the only guy to get a Topps card – he was featured in all 3 sets.




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