“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 1981

5 02 2014


1981 topps JR Richard

Best Player to retire in 1980.   Willie McCovey.

Did he have a 1981 card?   Yes – 1981 Fleer

McCovey retired around the All-Star break of the 1980 season as the 2nd player to hit home runs in 4 decades (Ted Williams was the first, Rickey Henderson and Omar Vizquel have since accomplished this).  McCovey didn’t get a 1981 Topps card, but was included in the inaugural Fleer set.

1981 Fleer Willie McCovey

Was a “retro” card ever produced?   No – Topps hasn’t created any new cards showing Brock on a 1981 design.  Again, I can point you to Uncle Doc’s Card Closet for an interesting take on what might have been.

Apologies to:   J.R Richard, who did in fact have a 1981 Topps card, as well as in the 1982 set when he was attempting (unsuccessfully) to come back from the blood clot that ended his career.  See that card above.




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