“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 1979

4 02 2014


1979 Topps Wilbur Wood

Best Player to retire in 1978.   Wilbur Wood.

Did he have a 1979 card?   Yes.  See above.

Wood is one of the more underrated pitchers in recent history.  Had he not shattered his knee in 1976, he may have been a hall of fame pitcher.

Apologies to:   Jim Fregosi, who did actually have a 1979 card, though not with the team he played his final game for.  Fregosi finished his playing career up with the Pirates in the 1977 and 1978 seasons.  Early in the ’78 campaign, the Angels expressed interest in hiring Fregosi as their manager to replace Dave Garcia.  Fregosi retired and moved back to the Angels – he was the last player to retire who was a member of the original expansion team.  He made the 1979 set on the Angels’ team checklist card.

1979 Topps Angels Fregosi




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