“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 1967

21 01 2014



Best Player to retire in 1966.   Sandy Koufax (Hall of Famer)

Did he have a 1967 card?   No (mostly)

Well, not really.  Koufax actually has a few cards from 1967.  He was featured on a few league leader cards in Topps, since he led the league in wins, strikeouts and ERA – winning his 3rd Cy Young in 4 years.  He pitched the Dodgers to the World Series, too – talk about going out on top!  But Topps didn’t feature a single-player base card of Koufax with his full stat line.

Koufax also had a card in the 1967 Topps Venezuelan “retired” set – but that card doesn’t have full stat lines on the back.


Was a “retro” card ever produced?   No – Topps didn’t do a “never were” card of Koufax.  Uncle Doc’s closet did create one for our enjoyment, however!

Apologies to:   Robin Roberts (Hall of Famer) also finished up after the 1966 season.  He didn’t have a 1967 Topps card of any type.

The Nolan Ryan card at the top is from the 2007 National Convention / eTopps “Cards that Never Were”.




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22 01 2014

I think that is limited ,i have a friend in Finland who is hair dresser and she collect different kind of baseball player car and i will look if their is a card like to her collection.

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