“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 1966

20 01 2014


2012 Archives FF 66 Koufax

Best Player to retire in 1965.   Warren Spahn (Hall of Famer)

Did he have a 1966 card?   No

Spahn’s last card was in 1965 Topps where he’s listed with the Mets.  After spending his entire career with the Braves, Spahn was sold to the Mets in the ’64 offseason, and was released halfway through the year.  He finished up the season and his career with the Giants.

1965 Topps Spahn

Was a “retro” card ever produced?   No – I’m not aware of a single card displaying Spahn with the Giants.

But – Cards that Never Were just added a custom card for all of us to imagine what might have been!

Apologies to:   Yogi Berra (Hall of Famer), who originally hung up his cleats after the 1963 season to become the Yankee manager.  When he was fired at the end of the 1964 season, Berra went across town to coach the Mets under his former skipper Casey Stengel.  Berra played a few games for the hapless Mets.  He was featured on a 1965 Topps card (just like Spahn).  Berra actually did play one game Spahn pitched, though he was a pinch hitter (not Spahn’s catcher).

Berra didn’t have a 1966 card – but Uncle Doc made a virtual one to help us imagine!

Nellie Fox (Hall of Famer) also retired in 1965 – like the two guys above, his last card was in 1965 Topps.

Note: Since I didn’t have a 1966 card to display above, I showed off a previous scan from my blog where I compared a Topps Archive version of the Sandy Koufax 1966 card (to the left) to the actual 1966 card (to the right).




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