“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 1965

19 01 2014


1965 Topps Spahn

Best Player to retire in 1964.   Duke Snider (Hall of Famer)

Did he have a 1965 card?   No

Snider’s last card was 1964 Topps where he’s shown with the Mets.


Snider was sold to the Giants midway through the season (much like Warren Spahn a year later) before retiring.  I’ve seen one card of Snider with the Giants, from a 1983 12-card set honoring the Duke’s career.

Was a “retro” card ever produced?   Not until recently – but Cards that Never Were just made a custom of the Duke with the Giants.

Apologies to:   Billy Pierce, who also retired with the Giants.  Minnie Minoso also ended the main part of his career after the 1964 season, but he played in promotional stints in 1976 and 1980.  Neither player had a 1965 Topps card.



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