“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 1961

16 01 2014


1961 Topps Alvin Dark

Best Player to retire in 1960.   Ted Williams (Hall of Famer).

Did he have a 1961 card?   Yes – 1961 Fleer.

I started off this idea with Joe DiMaggio in 1952, and the 1961 set is the great Ted Williams who was always kind of linked with the Yankee Clipper.  Williams signed an exclusive deal with Fleer that kept him out of the Topps set in 1959, 1960 and 1961.  Williams does have a card in the 1961 Fleer set that has his career total stat line on the back.

1961 Fleer Ted Williams

Was a “retro” card ever produced?   No – Topps never created a 1961 Williams card, but this would definitely be a potential idea in the future.  I found this card from Uncle Doc’s Card Closet as one of a couple on the internet.

Apologies to:   Alvin Dark is probably the second best player to retire after the 1960 season, though you really shouldn’t apologize to anybody for getting beat out by Ted Williams.  Dark became a manager for the Giants the next season, and thus got a manager card in the 1961 set.  The card at the top of this post has his complete Major League batting statistical line on the back.




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