“Lost Cards”: The Year After, 1953

8 01 2014


1991 Topps Archives Boudreau

Best Player to retire in 1952.   Lou Boudreau (Hall of Famer)

Did he have a 1953 card?   Yes – 1953 Bowman

Through an interesting set of circumstances, Boudreau did get a card in 1953.  Boudreau was released by the Indians, where he’d been a player-manager for nearly a decade, after the 1950 season.  He signed with Boston, and became the team’s manager in the 1952 season.  He only played 4 games in 1952, but he stayed on as manager for 2 more years after that.  Because of this, he has a card in 1953 Bowman, and the company did include his final stat line on that card – 1953 was the first year Bowman included statistics on the back.

1953 Bowman Lou Boudreau

Was a “retro” card ever produced?   Yes – Topps did actually create a Boudreau card as part of the 1991 Archives set, which reprinted the original 1953 Topps set and added some additional cards, including Boudreau with the Red Sox.

Apologies to:   Charlie Keller, who did not have a 1953 card.  Keller’s last card was 1951 Bowman.  He did get a retrospective card from 1952 Topps in the 2010 Topps set honoring the Yankees 27 World Series victories, but nothing for 1953.




3 responses

8 01 2014
Steve in Philly

Those 1991 “Cards That Never Were” in black and white were an affront to the taste of card collectors everywhere! Well, maybe that’s harsh, but all they had to do was colorize the photos and they would have fit in so much better with the rest of the set. Topps did just that for the black and white Brooklyn Dodgers cards that were in the 1991 Archives set 4 years later when they issued their Brooklyn Dodgers archives set. And then they actually issued a second color 1953 Duke Snider card in the 2010 The Lost Cards subset. As far as I know, though, that Doerr card was never issued in a color version, although the Red Sox are a popular enough team that I can see Topps doing it sometime.

8 01 2014

Agree – “affront” to card collectors is a bit harsh :), but you’re right, it totally would have made more sense to do a color photo for those. What’s weird, you can find that photo of Boudreau online – it’s in color. So they had to alter it to be black and white, so it would have taken less work to leave it as is!

8 01 2014

Man I’ve been wanting a ’53 Bowman Color Boudreau for a while now but after reading this post I think it just moved up my list!

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