Blog Bat Around – “Lost Cards”

7 01 2014

I thought of an idea quite some time ago, but then got busy doing some other posts.  This was originally a brainchild of a full year ago, when the big news on these blogs is usually the Hall of Fame induction or maybe a free agent signing – not much in the way of baseball cards.  Anyways, I had a lot of fun doing a few blog bat arounds a couple of years ago, and I thought I’d try my hand at starting one up.  I just posted about a set I completed – Topps “The Lost Cards” from 2010 – so that gave me the idea for one.  There were 10 cards in that set, and it covered missing card numbers from throughout the 50’s.  My idea centers around cards that were never made.

“Lost Cards.” Every year card companies come out with different sets and make decisions about what athletes they do and don’t include in those sets.  They choose to include new subsets – and exclude old ones.  What’s the card or card(s) that weren’t produced that you wish had been made?

Feel free to go any direction you want with this.  Was there a rookie card that came out later than others?  Was there a player who played just one year for a team but didn’t get a card in a certain set?  Was there a subset of cards – or even an entire set – that you wish had never been discontinued?

It doesn’t have to be a base set card, it could be an insert, or an autograph / relic card that hasn’t been made yet.  It doesn’t have to be baseball.  Heck, it could be a full set that went away or was never produced.  Anything that you choose – just give us some insight as to why that’s the card or card(s) you’re thinking of.

There’s also a really good website that has done a lot of this – it’s called Cards that Never Were.  This could definitely give you some ideas.  That blog is actually featuring a version of the idea I am going to post about as we speak – crazy, I’ve been planning this for a couple of months and got beat to the punch!  That’s OK, though, great minds think alike!

I’m going to do a monthlong feature relating to this, and my first post starts tomorrow.  It will focus on players who didn’t get a “last card”.



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7 01 2014

I am looking forward to your posts. The list of tribute cards that I am currently going through is by no means a definitive list. It was actually a list that I found on the Sports Collectors Daily blog. I can’t wait to see the cards you and other followers of your blog come up with.

7 01 2014

Thanks! I’m probably not going to do too many customs. I’ve done one and it took quite a while. Really I just want to put together a list by year of whether or not there was a card of the best player to retire that year. Should be fun.

9 01 2014
Ryan G

I participated! Yay! I’m glad there’s another BBA and that I actually noticed it!

9 01 2014

thanks Ryan! Great post!

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