2013 Card of the Year!!!

30 12 2013

2013 Heritage Real One Musial

Beating out my initial choice for card of the year winner was “The Man” himself – Stan Musial. Originally, I picked Darwin Barney’s base Topps card, and it’s an impressive card without a doubt.  But I’d forgotten about a card that I would love to own, but will probably never shell out the cash for.

This is the Real One autograph from 2013 Topps Heritage.  This card is amazing on many levels.  First, Musial passed away in January of this year, 2 months before Heritage had been released – in between signing this card and when you could first buy packs of Heritage.  So you could find an on-card auto of this legend after he’d passed away.  Kind of eery, but also something that makes it a cool piece of baseball history.

A second thing that I really appreciate relates to the design of the card itself.  Musial retired in 1963, and Topps didn’t make a card of him in 1964.  Most of the Topps Real One autos are reprints – but this is one of those “cards that never were”.  Those two factors put it above the Barney in my mind, even though the card itself is probably out of reach for me and most collectors.

Interesting note:  Ken Griffey’s Gypsy Queen auto was my winner last year.  That’s back to back years where the winning player was born on November 21st in Donora, Pennsylvania!

Here’s some of the other cards I considered.

  • Josh Reddick and Hanley Ramirez have some very cool photos in their base Topps cards.  I’m collecting the rainbow of the Reddick card.
  • Ted Williams got back into the Topps fold this year, and his Allen & Ginter card is pretty neat.
  • Two variation cards are pretty cool – David Ortiz (Boston Strong) in series 2, and Ted Kremer (Reds bat boy) from Update.
  • Topps Archives has a triple autograph card of three guys from the 1986 Mets’ world series winner – Mookie Wilson, Howard Johnson, and Darryl Strawberry.  It’s in a 1987 Topps design, which is appropriate.  I haven’t seen it on eBay, so not sure if all 3 guys actually signed the card yet.



6 responses

30 12 2013

Good choices. I think Brandon Inge’s base Topps card is my favorite this year.

30 12 2013

The Inge card is pretty cool with the “boxing match” in the dugout.

30 12 2013

I think I would have gone with the Ryan Raburn card just because it is so memorable, but I can see what you are talking about.

31 12 2013

Yeah – Topps base set (particularly series 1) had a number of really good photos. Too bad they didn’t continue that through some of their other products.

10 01 2014
Milwaukee Southpaw

Re: your interesting fact – that’s why my fantasy baseball team is named the Donora Lefty Legends. 🙂

10 01 2014

Nice. A very crazy coincidence. Musial has a few of those – like the fact he had as many hits on the road as at home.

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