Trade with Swing and a Popup

17 10 2013

I haven’t done all that many trades lately.  With my son getting older, trades are going to be fewer and farther in between.  I did finish up two trades in September, though – and this is the first one.  It’s with Bert from Swing and a Popup.  I had a bunch of old Leaf cards sitting back at my parents house (1992 and 1993).  I think they may have been my brother’s from back in the day – he used to collect a ton of Leaf cards.  Bottom line, they were doubles and triples and then some – so my parents are always happy when I take a few cards with me.  These ones helped Bert with his wantlist, and I also got some Gypsy Queen and flagship Topps cards he needed.

In turn, Bert sent me some inserts for my wantlists – always appreciated to find some of these bad boys!  Here’s the highlights, this puts another small but significant dent into those checklists.

Trade with Swing and a Popup

Also, I got 3 more cards toward the 1994 Topps set – which is slowly getting down to the end.

Trade with Swing and a Popup_0001



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17 10 2013
Swing And A Pop-Up

Thanks for the trade! I’m always willing to help out a fellow blogger if I can.

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