Completed insert set – 2013 Gypsy Queen No-Hitters

30 09 2013

It’s funny – I scheduled this post for today and of course there was a no-hitter thrown by Henderson Alvarez on the last game of the year…

This is the only 2013 Gypsy Queen insert set I’ve finished to date.

Info about the set:

Set description: “A selection of current and retired pitchers that have thrown a no-hitter”.  There are quite a lot of guys with no-no’s out there.  To date there have been 281 no-hitters in baseball history, thrown by about 250 different pitchers (give or take depending on how you count no-hitters by multiple pitchers).  Topps picked 15 of those pitchers.

The front has a white border with the Gypsy Queen script at the top and No-Hitters above a ribbon at the bottom.  The border has some “flair” matching the player’s team color, and the team logo, player name and player’s number are shown at the bottom as well.  The back has a write-up on the no-hitter(s) that earned the hurler a spot in this set.

Set composition: 15 cards, 1:4 odds (2013 Gypsy Queen)

Hall of Famers:  5.

Bob Feller, Catfish Hunter, Nolan Ryan, Sandy Koufax, Warren Spahn

How I put the set together: 

  • 12 cards from 2 hobby boxes
  • 3 cards from trades

Thoughts on the set:  I’ve said it many times on this blog – but I love themed insert sets.  In fact, while I usually wish for fewer cards in insert sets – this is one where I wish Topps would have gone with even more than 15 cards!  This is a cool set with a design I like.

Card that completed my set: #NH-NR – Nolan Ryan

Highest book value: #NH-NR – Nolan Ryan

I got this in a trade with Baseball Card Comeback in July.  Ryan also has the most valuable card based on BBCM’s numbers.

Best card (my opinion): #NH-JA – Jim Abbott

It’s hard to vote against the amazing 7 no-hitters by the Ryan Express, but I love that Topps got Abbott in this set.

My Favorite Reds card: #NH-HB – Homer Bailey

The only Red in this set.  Funny how he threw another one this year shortly after this card was released!


All told, the 15 pitchers here have thrown 31 no-hitters – counting Bailey’s 2013 gem, Milwood’s 2nd (which was a combined effort) and Halladay’s no-hitter in the postseason.  5 of those were perfect games (Hunter, Cain, Humber, Halladay and Koufax).

2013 Gypsy Queen No Hitters

2013 Gypsy Queen No Hitters_0001

As mentioned, I think Topps could have included even more pitchers.  They could have made this set 30 cards just with players that have thrown no-hitters and are in the Gypsy Queen base set!

Topps didn’t include the following pitchers who were active in 2013.  An asterisk means they have a card in the Gypsy Queen base set.

  1. Ervin Santana
  2. Francisco Liriano *
  3. Matt Garza *
  4. Edwin Jackson
  5. Ubaldo Jimenez
  6. Mark Buehrle * (who has 2, including a perfect game – and seems like the most glaring omission to me)
  7. Jonathan Sanchez
  8. Jon Lester *
  9. Clay Bucholz * (the two Red Sox are also pretty big omissions IMO)
  10. Anibal Sanchez *
  11. Derek Lowe *
  12. A.J. Burnett

Also – the following 9 retired pitchers have pitched no-hitters, are in the GQ set but not in the no-hitter set.

  1. Bert Blyleven
  2. Babe Ruth (was part of a combined no-hitter)
  3. Juan Marichal
  4. Bob Gibson
  5. Phil Niekro
  6. Tom Seaver
  7. Jim Bunning (2 no-no’s, including a perfect game)
  8. Dwight Gooden
  9. Bob Lemon



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