Completed insert set – 1998 Clemente Tribute

22 09 2013

I completed an insert set last year but hadn’t gotten to posting my foray into 1998 Topps.  I just finished up my posts on 1998 Topps, so now the wait to post about this set is over!  This was a 5-card tribute set for Topps “hero of the year” in 1998 – Roberto Clemente.

Info about the set:

Set description: “Clemente tribute cards featuring color photography that has never appeared on any trading card”.

Set composition: 5 cards, 1:12 odds (1998 Topps series 1)

Hall of Famers: 1. Obviously.

How I put the set together:

  • 3 cards from series 1 hobby box
  • 2 cards from COMC

Thoughts on the set:  I wasn’t too excited about this set at first, but given the recent state of Topps baseball card photography – having 5 completely new pictures of Clemente is actually pretty cool, and must have been at the time!

Card that completed my set: #RC2 – Roberto Clemente

One of 2 cards I got from Check Out My Cards during their Black Friday special last November.

Highest book value: all are the same

Best card (my opinion): #RC1 – Roberto Clemente

Clemente picking his weapon of choice is my favorite photo.

My Favorite Reds card:  There are none.

1998 Topps Clemente Tribute complete set




2 responses

4 08 2015
Allen Karmelin

The Roberto Clemete 5 card set is a must, my aunt married his brother, so I had to get it. Someone in the family asked me what it was worth on the open market. To me, it’s priceless, but I don’t know how to answer her. She is my first cousin and wants to buy it from me to give to her son. I would do that for her son, but I don’t know what a fair price would be. Could you help, please?

4 08 2015

You could get the full set for less than $10. See the link below.,sr,vList,i100,=1998+clemente+tribute

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