Go Blue! And Explain yourself!

31 08 2013

No baseball cards today, and no Saturday Suds either!  Hopefully the Wolverines start off a good season today!

michigan helmet

Also – the blog “It’s like having your own card shop” is having a fun little game.   It’s asking any card bloggers out there to explain their blog name.   Here’s what I posted there:

Mine is Lifetime Topps – which I think is fairly self-explanatory if you consider the longer name, which is “Lifetime Topps Project”.  I’m chronicling my attempt at all the Topps sets since 1980, when I was born.  Including the inserts and the Traded sets – which I decided along the way.   I know I’m not unique in doing this kind of project – but maybe the first blogger to try to follow it from beginning to end.  Collecting every Topps set since 1980 was always something I wanted to do.  Rickey Henderson is one of my favorite players, and since his rookie card is from the year I was born – that always seemed to go well.  And using a blog to track what I’m doing seemed like a great idea.  Along the way, I’ve made a lot of trades, learned a lot about baseball cards, and certainly gotten sidetracked from time to time!

I guess if you just heard “Lifetime Topps” – you might think I’m just a big Topps fan.  You know, like “Topps for life, you better believe it”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I like Topps and the company’s history with the hobby and the sport of baseball itself – but for the from 1993 when I came back to collecting, until early 2010, I was certainly partial to Upper Deck.  I was actually trying to do something of a Lifetime Upper Deck project!

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t done any interruptions with all the retro sets I post about.  For one thing, I’d be done by now – at least with the base sets, anyways.  For another, it would be a more continuous read.  Those interruptions all started with 2011 Heritage 🙂




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