1998 Topps Pre-Production

26 08 2013

Topps also came out with a set to preview their 1998 design.  This set consisted of 6 cards, again numbered with a “PP” prefix.  They also don’t have the 1997 statistics – that line has “Topps Pre-production” wording.  I got the full set from eBay a few months ago.  Unlike the 1997 set, this one isn’t all that difficult to find.

Topps usually picks some of the more noticeable photos, though other than the Baerga I don’t think these qualify for that.  They do have some of the bigger names from the mid-late 90’s.

For all six of these pre-production cards, the photo is the same as the player’s photo from the base set.

  • PP1 – Carlos Baerga
  • PP2 – Jeff Bagwell
  • PP3 – Marquis Grissom
  • PP4 – Derek Jeter
  • PP5 – Randy Johnson
  • PP6 – Mike Piazza



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