Saturdays Suds: Baseball & Beer #38 – Wiedemann

24 08 2013

Saturday Suds – where I look at (and sometimes taste test!) some beers that have a connection to baseball.  I’m keeping up with the Cincinnati beers.  After three straight defunct beers, I’m moving on to another beer that has been brought back in recent years.

Wiedemanns lagerBrewery: Wiedemann Brewing Company in Newport, KY

Beer: Wiedemann’s Fine Beer (old lager) / Wiedemann’s Special Lager (refurbished craft beer)

Description:  The Wiedemann name was brought back to the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area about a year ago with a new recipe more in line with the craft beer popularity that’s hit the nation.  This lager has a little bit more bitterness and a little more taste than your average lager.  It’s pretty good, which makes sense since it’s had

Medium:  I got a 6 pack in a recent trip down to Cincinnati.

How it’s related to baseball: Wiedemann’s was founded in 1870 by George Wiedemann, a German immigrant, in Newport, Kentucky.  It was very successful and was the largest brewery in the Southeast by the turn of the century.  It was shut down during prohibition, but reopened thereafter and continued to have some success.  In the 1960’s, though, it went the way of many other breweries and was sold to Heileman’s brewing – the makers of Old Style.

Prior to that, however, Wiedemann’s had some advertising with the Reds for a brief period.  They had a giant ad on the left field wall in the early 1960’s – I think in 1963 and 1964.

Crosley Wiedemann's

They advertised at least as late as 1970.  I also found a picture showing Sparky Anderson in Crosley Field with a sign in the background.  Sparky only managed at Crosley for half of a season – he started  the first 3 months of the 1970 season.  On the last day of June in 1970, the team moved to Riverfront.

Widemann sign Crosley 1970

The brand was eventually sold to the Pittsburgh Brewing Company, but the name was dropped in 2007.  It was brought back last year by a local Cincinnati brewing enthusiast, with the special lager being brewed by Point Brewery in Wisconsin.  Listermann’s brewing also brews a couple other craft beers under the Wiedemann’s name.  It’s had some pretty rapid growth from what I’ve read – another example of the local beer tradition is coming back in Cincinnati!




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