2013 Topps Archives – Big Red Machine

21 08 2013

Topps Archives has quite a few Big Red Machine cards.  It even has three guys from the 1990 World Series team, too – none of whom is Hall of Famer Barry Larkin.  But I’ll post about that team tomorrow.  Today I’ll do the 8 member Big Red Machine and do the related sets, too.

5 of the 9 Big Red Machine members are in the product – Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Joe Morgan, Ken Griffey and Dave Concepcion.  That’s missing Foster, Geronimo, Charlie Hustle and skipper Sparky Anderson.

Base Set

Even though there are 5 members in the product, there are only 2 guys in the Archives base set.  Joe Morgan and Tony Perez, both have cards in the 1982 subset.  They’re both shown with the Reds, despite the fact that Morgan was with the Phillies on his 1982 card and Perez was with the Red Sox.  Here’s their card with Tom Terrific in the middle.  Seaver was the reverse – he was actually with the Reds in ’82!

2013 Topps Archives 1982 wrong team

Here are the set designs featured in Archives and what Big Red Machine members are actually included in the original Topps sets.  Normally, I’d show pictures of what cards are in the original sets, but there are so many options here that I won’t.

1972 Topps – 8 of the 9 (missing Griffey) and 3 subset cards:

Anderson MG, Bench, Perez, Morgan, Concepcion, Rose, Geronimo, Foster

Bench IA, Rose IA, Morgan TRADED

1982 Topps8 of the 9 (missing Sparky) and 13 subset cards:

Bench, Perez, Morgan, Concepcion, Rose, Griffey, Geronimo, Foster

Bench IA, Perez IA, Morgan IA, Concepcion IA, Rose IA, Griffey IA, Foster IA, Rose AS, Concepcion AS, Foster AS, Rose/Carlton TL, Griffey/Seaver TL, Rose HL

The 21 cards is easily the most of any set – and that’s without Sparky since Topps didn’t do manager cards in 1982!

1985 Topps7 of the 9 (missing Geronimo and Bench) and 3 subset cards:

Anderson MG, Perez, Morgan, Concepcion, Rose, Griffey, Foster

Rose MG, Rose RB, Morgan RB

1990 Topps – 3 of the 9, one of which is a subset:

Anderson MG, Griffey

Bench TBC


Obviously Morgan and Perez are the only players with parallels. There are gold parallels (numbered to 199):

2013 Archives Morgan Gold parallel

and the Orange Day Glow parallel:

2013 Archives Perez Orange Glow

And since they’re in the regular set, they also have 4 printing plates as well.

Fan Favorite Autographs

There aren’t any fan favorite base cards, but Dave Concepcion does have a fan favorite autograph card.  It was a redemption that has recently been showing up on eBay:

2013 Archives FF Auto Concepcion

Box Topper

Concepcion is also featured in the box toppers that are randomly inserted, which are based on the 1971 Topps Greatest Moments cards – which are very large.  These cards are numbered to 99, and there is also an autographed version numbered to 25.

2013 Archives Greatest Moments Concepcion

1969 4-in-1 Stickers

Johnny Bench makes his first appearance in the product in this set.  See the card on the left from an earlier scan of mine, where Bench is shown with 2 of the best 3 catchers in today’s game, and alongside the other guy in the argument as the best catcher ever.

2013 Archives box 2 69 stickers

Original – Pete Rose was the only BRM-er in the super-rare original 4-in-1 set from 1969.

1969 Topps 4-in-1 Pete Rose

1972 Basketball Insert

Bench and Morgan are both in this set – since they both played in 1972, it’s cool to see them in a design as a kind of what might have been.

2013 Archives 72 BK Morgan 2013 Archives 72 BK Bench

These inserts have printing plates, too.  Here’s one from eBay.

2013 Archives 72 BK plate Bench

1983 All-Stars

Bench is included in this insert as well.

2013 Archives 83AS Bench

The checklist says Bench also has an autographed version, though I haven’t seen it.  There are printing plates of these cards.

1965 Mini Tallboy Football Inserts

Concepcion has one of these guys.

2013 Archives 65 mini tallboy Concepcion

There are printing plates of these, so he’s got 4 of those.

1973 Framed Mini Autograph

Bench has a card in the framed mini 1973 set – but it was packed out as a redemption.

1960 Relic

Bench has one of these guys, and so does Ken Griffey Sr.

2013 Archives 1960 Relic Bench

Autographed Originals

There is an exchange for a buyback autograph of a Johnny Bench original card.  These were supposedly numbered out of 5.

1987 Triple Autograph

Finally, there’s a triple autograph with Concepcion on it – pretty sweet card.  This was an exchange that apparently has since been fullfilled as they started showing up on eBay.  Numbered to 10 cards.

2013 Topps Archives triple auto Davis Morris Concepcion

So, all told – if you wanted to collect every single Big Red Machine card I mentioned above, you’d have 42 cards to find. If you didn’t want the 1/1’s – that number would be 18.

Bench (14/6) – 1972 BK Insert, 1983 All-Star, 1983 All-Star Auto, 1960 Relic, 1973 Framed Mini, Original Buyback Auto, 8 printing plates

Perez (7/3) – Base, Gold Rainbow, Day Glow, 4 printing plates

Morgan (12/4) – Base, Gold Rainbow, Day Glow, 1972 BK Insert, 8 printing plates

Concepcion (8/4) – 1965 Mini FB Tallboy, 1971 Golden Moments, 1 1971 Golden Moments Auto, Triple Auto, 4 printing plates

Griffey Sr. (1) – 1960 Relic




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