2013 Topps Archives #5 – comparing 1983 All-Stars

19 08 2013

Archives 1983 All-Stars – 30 cards (1:4)

The most common insert in 2013 Archives is based on the design from the 1983 All-Star subset.  These cards come 6 per box and there are 30 cards total – which makes it the largest insert set in the product.  There are 11 current players, along with 19 retired players.  Topps was specific with the retired players – all of them were around in 1983.  And, they even got their teams right – with one notable exception.  Darrell Evans is actually shown with the Giants, not with the Tigers!

7 of those guys were actually featured in the 1983 All-Star subset.  So those are kind of like “Fan Favorites” in that I can compare the 1983 card to the current year Archives card.  I don’t have all those cards yet, however, so the ones below are the ones I have.  Maybe when I complete the set I’ll do a full-blown post of these.

Andre Dawson (for all of these – original card is on the right)

2013 Archives 83 AS Andre Dawson

Carlton Fisk – They did a good job with Fisk.  The right team – in 1983 he had been with the White Sox for a few years.

Fred Lynn – this is the one where Topps blew it on the team.  I have to believe they made an effort to get the team right – because they got Darrell Evans with the Giants.  I think of him as either a Brave or a Tiger, but in 1983 he was making the All-Star team during his time with the Giants.

Screen shot 2013-07-27 at 7.13.58 PM

George Brett – can’t get the team wrong here

Gary Carter – interesting how the Kid’s hair is curly in the original, not that way in the Archives card.  I think the Archives card is a picture from the 70’s.

2013 Archives 83 AS G Carter

Mike Schmidt – like Brett, they can’t get the team wrong with him!

Rickey Henderson – seems about the right era.

2013 Archives 83AS G Carter

That leaves 12 retired players who didn’t have 1983 All-Star subsets.  These cards fall into the category of “Cards That Never Were”.  Now, to have a 1983 All-Star card, that should mean in theory that the player was an All-Star in 1982.  If I look at it that way – it shortens the results.  There are only two players out of the remaining 12 who were 1982 All-Stars.  Both Dave Winfield and Leon Durham were All-Stars in 1982 (and both were also All-Stars in 1983).

2013 Archives 83AS Winfield

2013 Archives 83 AS Durham

From the remaining 10 players, 5 of them were All-Stars in the 1983 season, so the cards kind of make sense here as well.  I’m not going to show their cards, but those players are Cal Ripken (who was the 1983 AL MVP), Darrell Evans (1983), Johnny Bench (who made it in his final season), Jim Rice, and Pedro Guerrero.  All on the correct teams – which is pretty impressive for Evans, who was with the Giants in 1983.

Well, I’ll show Bench’s card.  Because he’s a Red, he’s awesome, and more importantly, I have the card so I don’t have to do the work of snagging a picture from the interwebs.

2013 Archives 83AS Bench

The remaining 5 players who didn’t make the All-Star team in either 1982 or 1983 were all playing in that era.  Those guys are:

  • Darryl Strawberry – who was the 1983 NL RoY – but not an All-Star until ’84,
  • Tony Gwynn – AS in ’84,
  • Ryne Sandberg – AS in ’84,
  • Paul Molitor- AS in 1980 and 1985
  • Nolan Ryan – AS in 1981 and 1985



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14 07 2015
Completed insert set – 2013 Topps Archives ’83 All-Stars | Lifetime Topps project

[…] Any other tidbits:  Back when I first started collecting this set, I did a post comparing guys who had cards in this set and the Topps All-Star subset from 1983.  Out of the 19 retired players, 7 of them fit this criteria.  You can see that post here. […]

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