2013 Topps Archives #3 – comparing the retail only inserts

16 08 2013

Both of the retail only inserts are throwbacks to subsets from earlier Topps base sets.

Archives Dual Fan Favorites – 15 cards (1:12, retail only)

The Dual Fan Favorites cards are the more common of the two types – they come every 12 packs or so.  These cards are based on the design from 1983 Topps, specifically from the Super Veterans subset.  Those cards featured an aging veteran with a current photo next to a photo from much earlier in that player’s career.

The Archives cards take a different spin – Topps took a current player and put that next to a similar player from the same team.  There are two Reds in this set, and I like both of them.  Eric Davis next to Brandon Phillips – two flashy stars in Cincy.  But Rob Dibble and Aroldis Chapman is a great tandem – two fireball relievers!

There isn’t any overlap here – nobody from the 1983 subset is in the 2013 Archives set.  Fred Lynn is in the set, and could possibly have been a Super Veteran, as could have John Mayberry (Archives card shown below).  Also, there are plenty of guys in the Archives product who were Super Veterans – Schmidt, Reggie, Morgan, Bench, Ryan, Seaver, Gossage, Carew – Topps just used a different crop of players for this subset.  I’ve shown the card I have so far (Mayberry / Butler) and my favorite of these from 1983, Phil Niekro:

2013 Archives retail Dual Fan Favorites Mayberry Butler


Archives Retail Chase – 15 cards (1:136, retail only)

This set is based on the design from the 1989 Topps All-Star subset.  The odds are very long on these – basically the equivalent of 1 in 7 blasters.  This insert set features all new players, so there’s no overlap going on.  Derek Jeter is in the set, and despite belief to the contrary, he actually wasn’t in the majors quite yet in 1989!

Here’s a look at an original:

1989 Topps G Carter AS

And here’s an Archives version:

2013 Archives Cabrera Retail Chase

I wish Topps had used the exact starting All-Star lineup from 2012 here – that would have been a lot more interesting than just throwing in all the popular players they can.




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