Day #2 at the National – Another auto and some more promos

2 08 2013

I did in fact get away from work to make it back to the National on Thursday.  I don’t have a ton of time, so I’ll make this quick with the highlights.

I got there at about 1:45 PM, and the first thing I did was get in line for Rick Monday’s autograph.  This was one of the free autos I got as part of my “VIP” purchase – and other than Gooden and Fosbury, it might be the only other one I actually get.  This was a close call, his time was up at 2 PM and I just made it in before they closed up the line!  I had Rick sign his 1980 Topps card.  I was between that, 1981 and 1984 (as those were the cards I had of his).  I would have done the 1981 card, as it’s actually the last card of the set – and, 1981 was when he hit a pretty famous home run en route to the Dodgers’ World Series win.

National - Rick Monday auto

1980 Topps has a facsimile signature on the card – I wonder if a guy signs it and thinks “man, I better make this match”, or “man, that looks nothing like my signature – Topps really blew it!”  In this case, Monday’s signature hasn’t changed over the years too much.

Another thing I did was pick up a few more promos that “VIP folk” such as myself (i.e., suckers who pay 100 bucks for no good reason) are entitled to.  The first set is from Panini:

National set - PANINI Promos

Nobody to really write home about.

The next set is from In the Game, which makes a retro product called Sport Kings that I think is pretty cool.  This set is a tribute to Chicago Blackhawk greats.  I’m not big into hockey whatsoever, but it’s pretty neat they tied it to the local city.

National set - ITG Promos

Those are all the promo cards I got for the VIP thing.  The other promotional things that companies at the National do is wrapper redemptions.  It’s about my turn to drive, so I’ve got to wrap this post up – I’ll cover those tomorrow!

Oh – before I forget, there was one more promo in my goodie bag that I didn’t even notice until today.  It was attached to a magazine – it’s a Babe Ruth “card that never was” from 1915 Cracker Jack.

Ruth National Cracker Jack Card that Never Was

The magazine was Sports Market Report, which is put out by PSA, the card graders.  The magazine was pretty cool to say the least, and I read it while in line for the Topps redemptions.  But, like I said – that’s for another day!




4 responses

2 08 2013

Excellent Monday auto! (I probably would have gone with ’79).

2 08 2013

Since my lifetime project starts with 1980 – I don’t have a 79 😉

2 08 2013
Swing And A Pop-Up

Jealous. That’s all I can say.

2 08 2013

LOL. Glad I went, but it’s a bit crazy.

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