Autographs, Promos and lines, oh my! Sneak Peak at the National

31 07 2013

So I did make it to the National today.  Unfortunately, I had a call for work right at 3 PM, so I couldn’t really go to very much of the “VIP reception”.  It looked like there was free food and an early chance to get free autographs from 4 athletes – Mets pitcher Dwight Gooden, the Bears’ Neal Anderson, plus 1968 Field Gold Medalists Dick Fosbury and Bob Beamon.  Since I didn’t get into the special VIP room until 3:45 – I missed that chance to get the autos early from those guys.  But in the actual show they were still signing a little later.  So I walked around a bit, and then got in line for Gooden’s auto.  That took a while – I waited from 4:30 until about 5:15, but they did move the line quickly along.  I’d grabbed a 1987 Topps card from home for him to sign.  I’m not a Mets fan or anything, so I’m not bringing some treasured jersey for him to sign.  But I like his 87 Topps card – so that seemed like a cool thing to get penned.  Doc seemed pretty nice, and he’s a pretty good name for them to get as a free auto.

Gooden auto from the National


For 5 bucks, I bought a photo of Dick Fosbury – who invented the method to tackle the high jump that’s still used today.  Hence the name “Fosbury Flop”.  He won the gold medal in the event in 1968.

Fosbury auto from the National

I really did want to get an autograph of Bob Beamon – but they ran out of photos of him, so I didn’t have anything for him to sign.  I passed on Neal Anderson, too – the line was a bit longer with the Chicago connection.

After that, I just kind of took in the scenery for a while.  The National is sensory overload.  It reminds me of the first time I walked around Times Square – I felt like I could walk around just looking forever.  Very cool stuff even just to look at – for me, that will probably be the best part of going this year.

My excitement overall for the event is a little less than when I originally bought the ticket.  That has nothing to do with the event or anything, but it’s just a hectic time right now.  We just moved, and right now it feels like half of crap is still at the old location.  I had hoped to have more time to move everything and go to the National – but work is not cooperating.  It’s hard to have a lot of fun at something like this when you’re stressed out about work and a move.  That’s just life, I guess.   I do hope to make it back one of the next two days, and then we’ll see about Sunday – depends on when me, the wife and the baby get back from Cincinnati.  Eric Davis is signing on Sunday, and I have a free autograph of his.  I’d like to bring my son to that, and it may be doable, but it also may just be too much work.  We’ll see!

I did buy some Topps inserts on the cheap.  I may scan those in another day – I don’t feel like it at the moment.  I will scan the promo cards that my VIP pass got me.  The first is a set from Leaf, which includes the red-hot Yasiel Puig.  And the all-time hit king.  I just traded for Puig on my fantasy baseball team, and he hit a homer for me the first day he was officially a member of my squad.  Unfortunately, it was a walk-off against my Redlegs – so, catch-22 for me.

National set - Leaf Promos

Next up is Press Pass.  Amazingly, they picked the only 5 NASCAR drivers I recognize by name.  That is about all I’ll say about these.

National set - Press Pass Promos

Finally, there were also some Upper Deck cards – this was easily the best promo set of the bunch.  The best basketball player of all-time, the best player since MJ, the best hockey player of all-time, the second best golfer of all-time, and two Chicago stars.

National set - Upper Deck Promos

There are also a few other companies that you had to redeem at their booth – I didn’t do that yet, because I didn’t realize it at the time.  Hopefully I can do so tomorrow or Friday.  That’s it for now – I’ll post again when I go back!



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