Saturdays Suds: Baseball & Beer #36 – Heidelberg Brews

27 07 2013

Another Saturday Suds – where I look at (and sometimes taste test!) some beers that have a connection to baseball.  I’m keeping with the theme of my previous Saturday Suds post (Red Top) and going with another defunct Cincinnati brewery.  This one is Heidelberg.  Like Red Top, I don’t think Moerlein has scooped up this brand name yet.  Since you can’t find any of these brews any more, this writeup isn’t covering a beer I’ve tried – just a bit of history from a beer that used to be a sponsor of my Redlegs.

I did find one neat thing – there is still a distributor called Heidelberg Distributing that kept the name when the Heidelberg Brewery closed its doors.  Apparently this was to save money so they didn’t have to repaint the trucks back in the 1940’s!

Brewery: Heidelberg Brewing Company in Covington, KYHeidelberg logo

Beer: Heidelberg Beer / Student Prince Ale / Heirloom

Description:  The Heidelberg brand was a pilsner style brew (i.e., lager), while the Student Prince was an ale.  I’m not sure what Heirloom was – I actually think this may have been its own brand and thus there was a lager and a bock beer (and maybe some others) under that name.

Medium:  N/A as this is a defunct beer.

How it’s related to baseball: The brewery opened in 1934, right after prohibition ended, on W. Fourth Street in Covington, KY.

Being so close, they must have been a natural partner for the Reds, and they were prominently advertising during the 1939 World Series (note – all pictures are from, a great site if you’re a Reds fan!).

Crosley Field Student Prince sign

That’s an ad for the Student Prince brand.  Student Prince from a brewery named Heidelberg is a play on words from a popular play-turned-musical-turned-film called “Student Prince at Old Heidelberg” from the 1920’s.  The play is a love story of a prince (the “student prince”) who is sent to college (“Old Heidelberg”) under the guise of a commoner.  The name fits well as a beer brand because of the popular “Drinking Song” – which was particularly popular during prohibition.  The logo of the beer features the “student prince” as a mascot:

Student Prince logo

Interestingly, I also found info about a Heidelberg Brewing Company out of Tacoma, WA – not sure if there’s any connection, but they used Student Prince as a mascot for their beers as well.

Later on in the 1940’s, Heidelberg advertised their Heirloom Beer in the same spot:

Crosley Field Heirloom Beer sign

Heirloom of Baden beer, was based on the founder’s recipe from his German heritage.  It was also known as Heirloom Gold Medal, after winning the award in Paris in 1939.

Heirloom beer label

Finally, I also found an ad for Heidelberg Beer at Crosley toward the end of the brewery’s run.

Crosley Field Heidelbergs sign

The brewery was purchased by its competitor, Bavarian Brewing Company – another brewer from Covington – in 1949.  They’re the subject of my next Saturday Suds!



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27 07 2013
Swing And A Pop-Up

Great job researching this. Nicely done.

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