2013 Topps Archives – cards #101-150 (1985 design)

19 07 2013

Flashing forward 3 years from 1982 to 1985 Topps.  Topps made some design changes that year – the dual picture design from ’83 and ’84 were scrapped for a larger main photo.  The front has a white border featuring the Topps logo in the top left-hand corner.  The team name with team colors is featured in a diagonal box across the bottom next to a circle around the team logo on the right.  The player name and position is shown just below the team information.  The green card backs features the player name and card number in the upper left-hand corner, player bio and stats from each season and career totals.  If there’s room, player-specific information and an upside-down trivia question are shown at the bottom.

Archives cards are on the right in each of these comparisons.

Eddie Murray

2013 Topps Archives Eddie Murray 1985$(KGrHqR,!i4F!MKS5EPqBQJICrNMgw~~60_57The only “era correct” and “team correct” players in either the 1972 or 1982 design were in 1982 and related to Topps Traded cards.  So this is the first one that has the right guy with the right team in a base Topps set.

You can tell from the pictures that the Murray picture isn’t from the exact same year – his facial hair is different.  After having the sideburn/mustache connection look during the first part of his career, Murray went to just a mustache later on.  But, I think he moved to the mustache-only look around 1986, and the fact that he’s got a pretty good ‘fro makes me think this is probably in the mid-late 1980’s.  So it’s not that far off.

Interesting that Topps used a completely different Oriole logo on this card.  It matches Eddie’s hat, so I guess it’s not something I’d consider wrong by any means.

Robin Yount

2013 Topps Archives Robin Yount 1985$T2eC16dHJF8E9nnC8Hy1BQY1rt4rsQ~~60_58All told, there are 4 players who are “era/team” matches in the 1985 section – and their all 3,000-hit club members.

The Archives version of Yount on the ’85 design is clearly a little later than 1985 – you can tell he’s a little older than in the card to the right.  But the patch on the uniform made it easy for me to track down.  That patch is in honor of Harvey Kuenn, who managed the 1982 AL Champions known as “Harvey’s Wallbangers”.

Kuenn died before the season in 1988, so the Brewers wore that patch that year.  So the Yount pic is also only a few years off from being time-accurate.

Paul Molitor

2013 Topps Archives Paul Molitor 19851985-26638-FYount’s teammate and fellow 3,000-hit club member was Paul Molitor.  He got the special treatment too.   I sometimes forget he was a 3rd baseman!

I think this version of Molitor’s card is going the opposite direction from the other 2 guys.  I believe this is an earlier photo of Molitor.  Looking at his cards, he had the slightly longer hair in the early part of his career, basically in the late 70’s, around his rookie year (1978).

George Brett

2013 Topps Archives George Brett 19851985 Topps George BrettThe final card – another 3,000 hit member!

Brett’s card also appears to be a little bit earlier than the 1985 timeframe – maybe late 1970’s here as well, but it could have been early 80’s, too.



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