2013 Topps Archives – cards #1-50 (1972 design)

16 07 2013

The regular cards from the Topps Archives set is broken up into 4 different designs in 50 card allotments based on earlier Topps sets.  The first 50 cards are based on the 1972 Topps set.

1972 Topps has been so dubbed by Night Owl as the “psychedelic tombstone” set.  The set has a color border with the team name coming out the top of the picture as if it’s some kind of 1970’s cartoon.  The picture is shaped like, well, a tombstone – so that name is quite appropriate.

Mike Schmidt

2013 Archives 72 Mike SchmidtThere are no players in the 1972 section of Archives who was one player who could qualify as a “cards that never were”.

Mike Schmidt’s rookie card is from 1973 and is one of the more famous cards out there – it’s a multi-player card.  He did play 13 games in 1972, so a theoretical Topps Traded set could have existed.  There’s a good mock-up of what the card would be like here on the 1972 Topps blog.

Obviously, the picture is not the right era, but this is a pretty cool “what might have been” card.

1973 topps Mike Schmidt




3 responses

16 07 2013
Robert L. Kale

As a White Sox fan they have a uniform correct Alex Rios in the 72 era uniform…sweet!!

30 08 2013

I just found your blog and am enjoying it.

But re that Schmidt card, I hate it. It would be fine to put that photo on, say, a 1954 card, but he actually played in 1972 as you point out, so c’mon Topps, find a 1972 photo to use.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

30 08 2013

Thanks! I like that they did the card, but yes, a card from the appropriate year (or at least appropriate era) would be much better.

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