Completed insert set – 2012 Panini Golden Age Headlines

5 07 2013

This is my first completed set out of the Panini Golden Age product that was released last year.  Apparently, it’s now in its second run and just got released for 2013.  And though I enjoyed the product last year and like the look of the 2013 version, I won’t be purchasing any of it quite yet.

Info about the set:

Set description:  “HEADLINES cards offer a snapshot of major events in history.”

It’s kind of like the News Flashbacks from Topps Heritage, although those cards are geared only toward the events in one specific year, whereas these sets are pretty much from 1900 to the 1970’s.  The cards are designed to look like a newspaper, horizontally oriented with a headline at the top and then a small write-up in smaller type to the left.

Set composition: 15 cards, 1:12 odds (2012 Panini Golden Age)

Hall of Famers: 2 Baseball Hall of Famers.  Jackie Robinson is featured for breaking the color barrier and Tom Seaver is featured on a card for the 1969 Amazin’ Mets.

5 total Hall of Famers.  In addition to Seaver and Robinson, Joe Namath, Secretariat and Eddie Arcaro are all Hall of Famers in their respective sport.

How I put the set together:

  • 2 cards from hobby box I bought
  • 13 cards from a couple of different eBay purchases

Thoughts on the set: I almost didn’t collect this, but it was easy to pick it up.  I ended up buying a full set for 8 bucks shipped on eBay, even after I’d earlier purchased a lot of 7 cards.  Anyways, it was an interesting set, but it suffers from the main problem I have with Golden Age to begin with.  The parameters of the timeframe involved are too broad.  Currently, the first headline is from 1903 (Wright Brothers first flight) to 1974 (Nixon resigns).  I think it would have been more interesting if Panini rotated the timeframe of this entire product, including this set.  Maybe start off with 1900’s to the 1920’s for the 2012 set, than do the 1930’s and 1940’s, then the 1950’s to the 1970’s.  A three-year rotation would be cool.  It would certainly do a better job of hooking me, too.  If I collected the first rotation last year, I’d be in on the product much quicker this time around.

One other thing that is kind of annoying – the card numbering doesn’t seem to follow any sort of parameters either.  Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, and that’s the last card.  But that occurred well before the Amazin’ Mets won the 1969 World Series or Joe Namath predicted a Jets victory in Super Bowl III.

Card that completed my set: #15 – Robinson Breaks Barrier

This was one of six cards I still needed when I purchased a complete set from eBay as a cheaper way to fill in the remainder.  I’ll consider Jackie Robinson’s card my final card of the set since it’s the last card and it’s one of the two baseball-related headlines.

Highest book value: #10 – Secretariat Wins Crown, 14 – Broadway Joe: We’ll Win

These two carry a slightly higher Beckett value than that of Robinson.

Best card (my opinion): #5 – Truman defeats Dewey

I like that this card has another newspaper inside the Headline.  It shows Truman holding up an erroneously printed Chicago Tribune, which prematurely proclaimed Thomas Dewey the winner in the 1948 presidential election.

2012 Panini Golden Age Headlines

2012 Panini Golden Age Headlines_0002




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