1997 Topps ’90 Reds Cards

15 06 2013

After being down to just 8 of the 25 ’90 World Series team members in the 1996 Topps set, the team was actually better represented in the 1997 set – plus 1 to 9 players (but no subset cards).

There were 3 players back in the set after being left out of the ’96 set:

  • Jeff Reed didn’t get a card in the ’96 set despite playing 66 games for the Giants in 1995.  He was back a year later – his 116 games for the Rockies in 1996 netted him a close-up catcher’s mask shot in the ’97 set.
  • Mariano Duncan was back – he wasn’t in the ’96 set for semi inexplicable reasons.  He was back in the ’97 set after helping the Yankees to their first World Series title in nearly two decades.  This was his last Topps card.
  • Eric Davis was back in the 1997 Topps set after he unretired and won the NL Comeback POY for the Reds in 1996.

Lou Piniella was manager of that Mariners team – but Topps still didn’t have manager cards for the fourth straight year.  He’d be back in Topps sets in the future, though.  Eric Davis would also get back in the game after he didn’t have cards in ’95 or ’96 – but not for another year.

There were 2 players gone from after having cards in the 1996 set:

  • Joe Oliver was a bit of an alternator.  He was in the ’94 set, then gone from the ’95 set after injuries basically eliminated his 1994 campaign.  He was back in 1996, but kept out of the ’97 Topps set despite playing over 100 games the season before.  He’d be back, though.
  • Danny Jackson had his last Topps card in 1996.  He played in ’96 and ’97, but only went 1-1 and 2-9 in those seasons.  He did have a card in Collector’s Choice in 1997.

That’s a net gain of 1 player, so we’re at 9 out of 25 in 1997 Topps, and one subset card – that would be Larkin’s Star Power card.

1997 – Jose Rijo, Randy Myers, Norm Charlton, Jeff Reed, Hal Morris, Mariano Duncan, Barry Larkin, Paul O’Neill, Eric Davis

Davis is the one card I didn’t have yet at the time of writing this post.




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17 06 2013
Ben Hughes

I’m gonna look through your lists again. I know I have somemore I can give you.

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