Gypsy Queen retail purchases

23 05 2013

I bought a few different types of retail packs for 2013 Gypsy Queen as well.  I purchased a blaster, a single retail “loosey”, and one of the 3-pack jumbo / rack packs that have the white border parallels.

I didn’t get any more SP’s toward my set, but I did get to check out the white parallel cards, which are very nice.  So nice, that I kind of wish this was closer to the border color that Topps went with for the regular set.

2013 Gypsy Queen retail white parallel

I also did pretty well getting “hits” from these purchases – though it was of the relic variety, not the autograph kind.  I got a framed mini of Eric Hosmer, a relic of Mitch Moreland.

2013 Gypsy Queen retail Hosmer

2013 Gypsy Queen retail Moreland

And I also got a blue framed paper (#/499) of Carlos Santana – who is doing very well for my fantasy baseball team!

2013 Gypsy Queen blue framed Carlos Santana

But the bigger pulls for me were from a team that is slowly becoming a rival (or at least potential competition) to the Reds in the Central division.  I got two minis of Pirate players.  One was of Hall of Fame second baseman Bill Mazeroski – the man with the biggest hit in Pirate history.  And, in my opinion, the 3rd biggest home run in baseball history (I’d go with Thomson and Aaron above his).

2013 Gypsy Queen black Mazeroski

Pretty nice there.  But, the last pack I opened from the jumbo netted me the best pull from 2013 Gypsy Queen.  Far better than anything I’d pulled in the hobby boxes.

Yes, this probably qualifies as BIG MAJOR MOJO BEDONK-A-DONK!!!!

A newer Pirate, a guy who will very possibly win an MVP someday – Andrew McCutchen.  This is the wood minis, which are numbered out of 5.  Very cool!

2013 Gypsy Queen wood McCutchen



4 responses

28 05 2013

As a HUGE Pirates fan, I’d love to work out a trade for the Cutch or Maz minis.

28 05 2013

I’m up for a trade for the Maz and I’m sure I could find some other stuff, too. Holding on to the wood McCutch for now.

30 04 2014
Nick winters

Wow. I just opened a discount blaster from Walmart. Only 11.99 and got a Roy Halladay framed mini relic and the same mccutchen wood mini 2/5. Crazy mojo!

5 05 2014

That’s interesting – 2 out of the 5 wood cards for Mccutchen came from retail packs. At least 2 out of 5, I should say.

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