Saturdays Suds: Baseball & Beer #30 – Appleton Foxes Basebrau

11 05 2013

For my next “Saturday Suds”, I’m going with a brewery that doesn’t have a current beer I can relate to baseball.  But they have current beers.  And they have beers from the past related to baseball.  So I’ll link the two!

Brewery: Stevens Point Brewery in Stevens Point, WI

Beer:  Appleton Foxes Basebrau from 1978-1980

The one available today (that I’m drinking) is Stevens Point Special Lager

Description:  This brewery was founding in Wisconsin in 1857 – prior to the Civil War!  It’s the 5th oldest brewery in the country, and it’s stayed away from all the buyouts that have hit the beer industry.

The beers pictured is the Basebrau beer which was brewed for the local Appleton Foxes, a class A affiliate of the Brewers.  The team is now called the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. The one above is obviously from 1979.

The Basebrau was brewed from 1978 through 1980 or 1981.  The 1980 beer is below.

The beer I’m consuming these days for this post is Stevens Point Special Lager.  I’ve got to think this is the closest thing they’ve got to the Basebrau from back then.  This is their standard lager, which is one of two beers you can find year round in the Chicago area.  The other is their Amber beer – which I doubt is anything like the Basebrau from 30 years ago.

I like the Steven’s Point Special Lager.  Generally for a lager, I judge them on a scale of:

  • “tastes refreshing”, or
  • “tastes like crap”

This one goes in the tastes refreshing category.  It’s pretty good.  It’s refreshing, which is the most important thing for a lager.  It’s got the corn-taste that any lager has, but it is way better than a Budweiser if you ask my opinion.

Medium:  I bought 12 12 oz bottles from Binny’s when I first moved to Chicago.  Me and a buddy (with some help from girlfriends and wives) drank this while watching the Michigan-OSU game last November.  The beer did not bring me good luck!  I think the 12 ounce bottles are the most common way to get this.  Like I said, you can also get an Amber beer from them.  At the time of writing, I hadn’t tried that, but based on the lager being pretty good – I probably will in the future.

How it’s related to baseball:  Like I said above, it’s a beer produced specifically for a minor league team, the Appleton Foxes.  I’ve never heard of that – all the marketing specifically was for that team.  Would have been neat if they kept it up going forward, but at least the lager is pretty good!




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24 08 2013
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