2013 Heritage & 1964 Topps parallel sets

5 05 2013

After there was no parallel in the 1963 Topps set, Topps Venezuelan was back in 1964 after a year layoff, and this time it is a parallel of the first 370 cards in the set (the first 4 series).  The cards have a distinctive black back.  The trivia question is still there, but it isn’t a scratch-off – the answer is just right there for you to see.  These cards were released in Venezuela and command a big premium, particularly a nice copy, when you can find them.

1964 Topps Venezuelan Rose

1964 Topps Venezuelan Rose Back

2013 Heritage Venezuelan – 525 cards (1:47)

Topps copied this in 2013 with Heritage, paralleling the entire 500-card Heritage set, as well as the action variations (I’m pretty sure they didn’t parallel the color swaps or any other variations).

2013 Heritage box 1 Venezuelan Lester

Topps again issued, as box-toppers in 2013 Heritage, buybacks of original 1964 cards that are now stamped as “50th anniversary”.  I know 2013 is the 50th set if you’re counting 1964 as the first set.  But that doesn’t make it the 50th anniversary – this always confuses me.  Anyways, these cards came in “penny” 1-card packs inserted in every other hobby box (with the ad panel coming as the other potential box-topper).  Here’s the one I got in my first Heritage box.  It’s interesting, because this is an “uncorrected error” card from the ’64 set – Koppe is right-handed and has his glove on the right hand.  Sly little devil!

2013 Heritage box 1 topper buyback Koppe

The 2013 Heritage set also has a whole lot more of what we’re used to as far as parallel sets go.  In addition to all the variations I’ll posted on later, there are quite a few of the standard parallel cards.  There are now 4 sets of Chrome parallels, and 2 25-card partial parallels that you could probably consider “variations”.  But they seem more like partial parallels to me!  In fact, all 6 of these sets are partial parallels – either 100 cards or 25 cards.  Odds below are for hobby packs, except for the Bordered parallels, which only come from retail packs.

Chrome – 100 cards (1:24; #/999)

Chrome Refractor – 100 cards (1:42; #/564)

Chrome Black Refractor – 100 cards (1:368; #/64)

2013 Heritage Chrome versions Bautista_0001

I’m collecting versions of the Bautista card because I like the picture.


Chrome Gold Refractor – 100 cards (1:1,932; #/5)

2013 Heritage Chrome Gold Bautista

But not the Gold Border cards.  They are new this year, and a bit unnecessary (and too pricey) if you ask me!

Chrome Purple Refractors – 100 cards (effectively 1:12 – each hobby case contains one hot box, which has 1 purple refractor per pack)

2013 Heritage Purple Bautista

Purple refractors are new in 2013, though they are kind of back from 2011, when there were hot boxes with green refractors.  These were unannounced – so .

Mini – 100 cards (1:235; #/100)

2013 Heritage Chrome versions Bautista_2

Minis are new this year as well, and also a bit unnecessary if you ask me.  I do like these better than the Gold border things, though.

Black Border – 100 cards (1 per 3-pack retail blister)

These are back as incentive packaging for packs at either Wal-Mart or Target.  I did get one pack of these, and the black border works well with this set, better than the past two years.  That Longoria is pretty nice, too.

2013 Heritage Black Border




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