1964 Topps / 2013 Heritage – Ad Panels

30 04 2013

Advertising Panels

Prior to and during the release of its 1964 flagship baseball set, Topps sent 3-card advertising panels to market the set to retailers carrying the product.  These 3-card panels had 3 different player cards on the front of the card.  Beckett lists 6 different player combinations known:

  • Walt Alston, Bill Henry, Vada Pinson
  • Jimmie Hall, Ernie Broglio, AL ERA Leaders
  • Mickey Mantle, Jim Davenport, Boog Powell
  • Denis Menke, Dean Chance, Tim Harkness
  • Hoyt Wilhelm, Curt Flood, Bill Bruton
  • Carl Willey, White Sox Rookies, Bob Friend

There also must be others, because I found a picture of the one below with John Wyatt, Joe Nuxhall and the AL Strikeout Leaders card.  I have seen one of the Willey/Friend and Sox Rookies in a Legendary Auctions ad on the web.

The reverse has info on the set – see the picture below.  Topps was advertising the metal coins that were inserted into packs.  There is one example player’s card back for each panel issued, and for 1964 that was Mickey Mantle (it was Roger Maris in 1962, but I don’t know who it is for 1963 – my guess is Stan Musial).

1964 Topps Ad panel

1964 Topps Ad panel back 2

For the 2013 Heritage Set, Topps again directly copied this idea.  This is one of 3 options you were guaranteed to get as a topper to a hobby box (the others being 1964 buybacks and Topps Giants).  Like the 1964 version, these are 3-card panels with 3 different player cards on the front.  The reverse shows the card back of Justin Verlander – I’m surprised they didn’t do King Felix, who is on the front of all their packaging.  They also advertise the fact that you can find metal coins in the Heritage product, though those only come as buybacks of the originals.  There are 30 different panels.  The orange background promotional language is probably designed based on the 1963 panel.  I didn’t pull one from either box of Heritage, so these pictures are sniped form the interwebs.

2013 Heritage Panel




2 responses

30 04 2013

I have a ’64 Willie Davis that was cut from an advertising panel, so that’s another card that isn’t listed in Beckett that exists.

30 04 2013

Interesting to know. There is also an auction on eBay right now for a cut up NL strikeout leaders (Koufax!!! – but asking 170 bucks) and Angels backstops.

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