1964 Topps Giants & the 2013 Heritage version

29 04 2013

2013 Heritage Cespedes

Topps Giants – 20 cards (hobby box topper)

The other set from 1964 that Topps included in the 2013 Heritage product was the 1964 Topps Giants set.  The larger cards were issued as a 60-card set in their own packs in 1964, while cards from the 2013 cards come as box toppers in hobby boxes.  They are very rare, supposedly coming one every other case or so from what I’ve read.  Topps has previously used this design in a retro set, as these were much more common in 2011 Lineage.

In Lineage these came 1 per box, so they weren’t nearly as rare (read: expensive) as the ones this year.  Also, this year’s set includes 15 active and 5 former players.  Out of the former players, Ernie Banks and Eddie Mathews don’t have cards in the original set – not sure why they weren’t included back in 1964 (particularly Banks as Mathews was on the downside of his career).  Here are the other players with the 2 cards side by side.  The card on the right is the new one from Heritage; the left is the 1964 card.

Bob Gibson

Picture 2

Harmon Killebrew

Heritage & 1964 Giants Killebrew

Willie Mays

2013 Heritage Giants Mays64 Topps Giants MaysFor Mays, I already had a picture on the blog of his original, so I didn’t feel like going through all the photo-shopping to get it side-by-side with his one from this year.

It’s also notable for Mays that they used a photo that couldn’t possibly be from 1964 – that’s a New York Giants had he’s got on!




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