1964 Bazooka & the 2013 Heritage version

28 04 2013

In 1964, Topps issued a set of 36 full color, blank backed, numbered cards in panels of three on the backs of Bazooka bubble gum boxes.  The individual cards are similar to mini tobacco card sizes – measuring 1-9/16″ by 2-1/2″.  The panels of 3 cards are obviously 3 times that length – 4-11/16″.  Today you can find these “cards” cut up into individuals, or in the 3-card panels they originally came in.

The set contains 13 members of the Hall of Fame in this insert set – over a third of the set.  The HOF-ers are Mantle, Spahn, Killebrew, Aaron, Mays, Clemente, Yastrzemski, B. Williams, McCovey, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Koufax, Kaline.

Heritage Bazooka – 20 cards (1:377 retail packs)

Topps did a remake of these cards in the 2013 Heritage product.  These come in the same size and design as the 1964 set.  There are 20 cards in the 2013 Heritage Bazooka set, and they come only in retail packs at a pretty rare rate – 1:377.  There is a mix between old and new players.  I pulled a card of Felix Hernandez from a retail pack – certainly beating the odds!

2013 Heritage Bazooka Felix

I like when Topps does these with Heritage, though it’s a little bit off because this set (and the Giants set that came as a box topper) wasn’t associated with Topps flagship – it was a separate issue that came with Bazooka gum boxes.  I wish they were a little easier to come by, too – because I’d like to collect them but will need to wait and see if the prices ever come down!

There are 6 players who have cards in the 1964 set and in the Heritage version.  The card on the right is the 1964 version, the one on the left is the 2013 Heritage version.

Willie Mays

Heritage Bazooka Mays

Sandy Koufax

Heritage Bazooka Koufax

Brooks Robinson

Heritage Bazooka Brooks Robinson

Carl Yastrzemski

Heritage Bazooka Yaz

Harmon Killebrew

Heritage Bazooka Killebrew

Roberto Clemente

Heritage Bazooka Clemente




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14 12 2013

Or at least, not often.

14 12 2013

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