Saturdays Suds: Baseball & Beer #29 – Boulevard Pilsner

27 04 2013

I did the wheat beer from Boulevard in the last Saturday Suds post, but I had one other beer when I went down to Kansas City last winter.  As I said, I’ve been to the Kauffman Stadium in 2008 when it was under heavy construction.   I’d like to go back in the future to see the updated version of the park.  It looked nice from what I saw at the All-Star game last year.

It wasn’t possible to go to a Royals game when I was there in November, but it was possible to drink a few local brews that you can now find at Kauffman Stadium.



Brewery: Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, MO

Beer:  Boulevard Pilsner

Description:  I was more familiar with their wheat beer, but the Boulevard Pilsner actually kind of steals the show.  Boulevard opened its doors in 1989 and has since become one of the largest craft breweries in America – and the largest one in the Midwest.  From their website:

“Like many American burgs, our town was once home to a number of small, regional breweries. As they disappeared, so too went the full-flavored but easy drinking classic American lager. Today, we salute these bygone breweries and revive their legacy with Boulevard Pilsner: 100% malt, real hop character, unpasteurized. It’s the taste of tradition.”

They were actually serving this at the wedding we went to in KC.  It was really good.  Honestly, this is one of the best “classic American lager” I’ve ever had.  It’s got the yellow color you’d expect from a lager, and it’s hardly bitter at all, with  a light refreshing taste.  But not in a way that’s watered down – a good taste of hops and a flavor I liked, though I can’t put to my mind exactly what it was.  Basically, it was just a real solid beer.  One I’ll try again during summertime.

Medium:  I bought a 12-pack of 12-oz bottles.

How it’s related to baseball:  Boulevard just signed as a big sponsor for the Royals in the 2012 off-season.  Boulevard had been served at Royals games previously, but now will be far move available and there are 2 grills and a brewpub sponsored by the brewery.  It sounds like you can get quite a few of the Boulevard beers at games now – not just their most popular beers, the pilsner and wheat.

KC Boulevard Brewpub halloffame

I hope to try this out the next time I get down to Kansas City.



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