2013 Heritage vs. Vintage #16 – Some good comparisons

25 04 2013

Heritage took the lead back at 29-27 in my last post.  I think I’m going to do this post and then one more, so we’ll see where this ends up, but Heritage has the lead for now.

Card #190 – Derek Jeter / Bobby Richardson

2013 Heritage Jeter 1901964 Topps Bobby RichardsonTony Kubek would have been the appropriate comparison with Jeter, seeing how he was the Yankees shortstop in 1963.  But Richardson isn’t a bad choice either – he’s a fellow Yankee infielder and a fellow World Series MVP as well.

Jeter doesn’t have a trivia question – too many stats on the back!

Trivia question: How many balls were required for a walk in 1888?

Trivia answer: 9 balls


If you hate the Yankees, you probably don’t like either of these cards.  If you’re like me and don’t love the Yanks but appreciate their history, you like both of these cards.  I like the Jeter with the classic pose, and I like the Yankee Stadium seats in the background.  I also like the Richardson in another defensive classic pose, and I like the batting cage in the background there.  Two cards I’d love to own.  But the Jeter card is a little bit better in my mind.

2013 Heritage leads, 30-27


Card #100 – Robinson Cano / Elston Howard

2013 Heritage Cano 1001964 Elston HowardCano would have made more sense with Richardson above, but Elston Howard is pretty good, too.  Cano hasn’t won an MVP yet, but he’s been in the top 6 of the MVP race for 3 straight years (coming in 4th last year).

Trivia question: Who hit more grand slams than any other switch hitter?

Trivia answer: Eddie Murray, 19.

Howard was the reigning MVP at the time this card came out, and he would place 3rd in the 1964 MVP race.  That’s probably why he got card #100.

Trivia question: What was home plate made of originally?

Trivia answer: Iron!


Cano is waiting on that big contract from the Yankees next year before he buys a razor. The Cano card is one of those pictures I don’t like about Heritage – the up-close-and-personal headshot.  Whereas the Howard is one of the good photos in this set – a pose with a good glimpse into the background.  In this case, old Yankee Stadium.  Easy victory for vintage here.

2013 Heritage leads, 30-28


Card #400 – Kris Medlen / Warren Spahn

2013 Heritage Medlen 4001964 Topps Warren SpahnWarren Spahn was coming off a 23-7 season in 1963, his last great season in what was an amazing career.  He would win only 13 more games in his career, but that was good for the most wins of any pitcher since the dead ball era.

Kris Medlen kind of came out of nowhere last year to go 10-1 for the Braves.  He’s a very promising young pitcher for the Braves, and he’s certainly a good choice to include as a corollary to Warren Spahn.


I sure love being indecisive, and I’ve got a lot of reasons to go with another tie here.  I really like the Medlen / Spahn matchup, so that’s a notch in favor of Heritage.  I also like the similarity in poses.  Both in a pitching pose from the numbers up, with blue sky and a green horizon in the background.  This is Spahn’s last card as a Brave – and that’s got to be worth something, too.  Plus, he looks old man badass.  Sorry, Medlen, you lose out in a close one here!

2013 Heritage leads, 30-29



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