2013 Heritage vs. Vintage #11 – Award Winners

14 04 2013

In the last post of Heritage vs. 1964, Heritage started pulling away from 1964 Topps (it’s 22.5-16.5).  This surprises me, maybe I’m being too nice to Heritage.  I will say this – in general, I think last year’s Heritage product is much better than this year’s, and 1963 Topps is much better than 1964.  It’s not just the design, though that is part of it – I think the photos are just less interesting in 2013/1964.  Anyways, for this post, I’ll do the 2013 Award Winners – excluding Rookies of the Year, who I did during the All-Star Rookie post.  And excluding R.A. Dickey, who I also already posted about since he’s currently underperforming on my fantasy team.


Card #458 – David Price / Ralph Terry

David Price 2013 Heritage1964-Ralph TerryHere is the AL Cy Young winner from last year.  Price beat out the defending champ (and defending MVP) Justin Verlander.  I would have voted for Verlander again last year, because he pitched basically as well as Price but did so over more innings – though it’s hard to argue against Price.  He went 20-5 and led the league in ERA.  The 1963 Cy Young winner was Sandy Koufax – there was only one winner in MLB back then. Koufax got matched up with Clayton Kershaw again in 2013 (see a later post for that one).

Trivia question: Which pitcher owns the record for SO’s in a season?

Trivia answer: Nolan Ryan, 383 in 1973.

Topps put all these guys in as SP’s this year, so they end up not being good comparisons.  This Price card is the best one – Ralph Terry.  Since Price plays for the Rays, there isn’t going to be a player from the same team. When this card was released, Terry was coming off 23 and 17-win seasons.  He pitches for the Yankees – same division.

Trivia question: How many times did Ruth hit 2 HR’s?

Trivia answer: Ruth hit 70, which is still the record (Barry Bonds got close with 67)


Terry’s got a solid card here.  Price, whose card is pretty boring, does not.

2013 Heritage leads, 22.5-17.5


Card #490 – Buster Posey / Ron Fairly

$T2eC16V,!zoE9s5ne+czBRWILiBE1!~~60_571964 Topps FairlyBuster Posey was last year’s NL MVP.  I think this was a pretty easy choice.  Andrew McCutchen was very good and was probably the leader in the clubhouse with 1-2 months left.  But Posey came on late and won the batting title.  Ryan Braun got second, but he cheats.  And Posey was more deserving even factoring that out.

Trivia question: Who is is the only hitter with 250 homers as a catcher?

Trivia answer: Yogi Berra, 266.

This is another SP card, and again we don’t have an equal comparison.  Buster’s counterpart for the 1963 season would have been Ed Bailey.  Tom Haller was the catcher in 1964 for San Francisco.  Either would have been better than the Giants’ mortal rival – a rivalry that has gone from one coast to another!  And a non-catcher at that!

Trivia question: What is the name and size of the Detroit park?

Trivia answer: Tiger Stadium, 53,089.


I like the Posey card.  If you’re going to do a head shot with someone just looking off in the distance, I like one with a little bit of distance (the Price card is too close).  And I also prefer it to be in the moment as opposed to posed.  I like the Fairly card, too, though – interesting background with the trees, and I wonder what kind of undershirts they wore back then.  Nike Dri-fit certainly wasn’t out yet!

I’m going with a split here.  I probably like Posey better, but I feel like I need to at least ding Topps a bit for putting a Giant with a Dodger!

2013 Heritage leads, 23-18


Card #426 – Miguel Cabrera / Bob Rodgers

2013 Heritage Miguel Cabrera1964-22194-FTriple crown winner – yes.  But, ugh, what a horrid picture!

Cabrera’s trivia question was already posted as it’s a duplicate.

Again the SP effect makes this comparison not all that interesting.  Cabrera is matched up with Bob “Buck” Rodgers, catcher for the Angels – who were considered “Los Angeles” back then.  And they are now again considered Los Angeles.  Rodgers is probably better known for his managerial career.

Trivia question: How far is the mound from home plate?

Trivia answer: 60 feet, 6 inches.  Been that way since 1893!


I don’t love either card, but the Rodgers card is less offensive than the Cabrera.  They both seem like they’re looking at the camera man thinking “huh”?


2013 Heritage leads, 23-19




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