2013 Heritage vs. Vintage #9 – Fantasy Squad Draftees

6 04 2013

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had my fantasy baseball draft last week.  That post covered my 4 keepers (and Albert Pujols, who I was forced to let go).  This one covers a few other guys I drafted.

2013 Heritage Kinsler1964 Topps 479I used my first round pick to keep Matt Kemp.  In the second round, I had an open pick because the other 3 keepers I had were later round values.  I haven’t had a second round pick in a few years due to the old keeper rules – but there isn’t a ton out there because so many people still kept top-level players as opposed to value picks.  I took Ian Kinsler.  He’s rated around where I took him – about 15th or so.  I was happy to get a second baseman there.  This is not a spot for worry for me whatsoever going forward (more on what is later in the post).

I also got Kinsler’s card in Heritage – in fact, I got one in a retail pack and another in a blaster.  Kinsler is an SP (all the good players are this year), card #479.

The Rangers didn’t exist yet in 1964, but I expected Topps to do a little better than this.  The first two years I bought Heritage, there was almost always a correlation.  Even Rangers players would get matched up with someone who was the same position or maybe even a Senator (the 1964 Senators franchise eventually moved to Arlington and became the Rangers).


I feel like I should pick against Heritage here, but this is one of my favorite cards in the current year set.  The way the logo on Kinsler’s uniform is displayed, plus the batting glove, it’s a colorful card.  When I don’t like the Heritage card and there’s no correlation, I’ll punish them then – I promise!

2013 Heritage leads, 17.5-13.5


2013 Heritage David Wright 4651964 Topps Mike Hershberger 465The next player was a value pick.  I already had 3rd base covered with David Freese costing me a 19th round pick as a keeper (80-90 places of value by my estimation).  But when David Wright was available at pick #26, I took the best available player.

Trivia question – Who was the first to play all 9 positions in a single game?

Trivia answer – Bert Campaneris, who makes his second straight trivia appearance in a post by me (yesterday he was lauded for hitting 2 homers in his first game).

Wright is card #465.  Charlie Neal was the Mets 3rd baseman in 1963.  He’s not exactly a household name, but they could have gone with a Met for crying out loud!  Ed Kranepool would have been good.  Duke Snider was even available – that would have been cool.  Instead, Topps put Wright to correspond with a White Sock.  All so Wright could be a short print.  For shame!

Trivia question – Which team hit the fewest homers in a season?

Trivia answer – The White Sox in 1903 – 3 homers.  Whoa!  Josh Hamilton had more homers them in one night, 109 years later!


I still like the Wright card better.  David Wright oozes cool.  Maybe Mike Herschberger oozed cool in 1964.  But it ain’t 1964, and I’m not feeling it.

2012 Heritage leads, 18.5-13.5


2013 Heritage BJ Upton1964 Topps George Altman 95In the 4th round I got Jered Weaver.  I was ecstatic with that pick – that’s great value with the 35th overall pick.  But I don’t have his card, because it’s damn SP.  And I’m sick of doing comparisons of players who are SP’s and thus don’t match up with a guy from the same team as last year.  So I’ll pass.  And my next round pick doesn’t match up the right team either.  But it does match up in how Topps did the photo, so I’m showing BJ Upton, my 5th round pickup.  Plus, this is one of the more notable poses in the set!  Upton with the crazy hair!

I’ll be honest, this is where my fantasy draft started to go south.  Every time it got to be my pick, someone had selected the guy I was targeting one or two picks before.  Upton was a result of this.  Greinke and Wainwright had just gone off the board – and there were no pitchers still there that were worth it for me.

Upton is card #95.  See – I’m starting to get to guys who aren’t “SP worthy”.  His trivia question is a duplicate, BTW.  Upton just left the Rays for the Braves.  So the capless head shot makes it easy for Topps.  The guy on 1964 card was George Altman.  He was, like Upton, an outfielder who had just switched teams (St. Louis to the Mets).  So he garnered a capless head shot in 1964.  Thus, in this case, the comparison is appropriate.

Trivia question – Who won the most NL batting titles?

Trivia answer – Honus Wagner won 8.  Tony Gwynn would later tie the Flying Dutchman.


Upton’s head shot is way more interesting than Altman.  He may be the lesser of the 2 brothers, but he’s still a very good player and he wins here!  Heritage is really starting to pull away.

2012 Heritage leads, 19.5-13.5


2013 Heritage Josh Reddick1964 Topps Dave DeBusschereAfter that I got Ian Desmond and Carlos Santana.  I maybe should have taken Hanley Ramirez over Desmond – just because of potential upside (Han Ram went the next pick).  I also snagged Ryan Howard in the 8th round, though that’s another pick I kind of regret.  I basically panicked about first base there – I didn’t have one yet.  But a guy like Konerko was going to be around a bit longer, and I even got Ike Davis in the 11th round.  I should have gone with a guy like Jake Peavy there – I feel like he’ll be good this year.

My next two players I’ll do in tandem.  They are both holdovers from last year’s squad.  Not keepers – but guys I drafted again this year.  I seem to always pick up Shane Victorino.

Trivia question (Reddick) – Who is the all-time SB% leader (min. 100 attempts)?

Trivia answer (Reddick) – Chase Utley, 89.6% (121/135).

Trivia question (Victorino) – How can a team get more than 2 SACs (sacrifice bunt) in an inning?

Trivia answer (Victorino) – 1 or more reach base via an error.

Reddick is card #247.  His counterpart is Dave DeBusschere – as in, NBA Hall of Famer Dave DeBusschere!  Victorino is card #314 – his counterpart is Jerry Buchek.  As in, some dude I’ve never heard of Jerry Buchek.

2013 Heritage Victorino1964 Topps Jerry BucheckTrivia question (DeBusschere) – Who holds the homer record for second baseman?

Trivia answer (DeBusschere) – Rogers Hornsby, 42 in 1922.  The card actually says 1942, but that’s an error.

Trivia question (Buchek) – Who holds the career doubles record?

Trivia answer (Buchek) – Tris Speaker, 792.


I’m awarding a victory to DeBusschere.  You can’t beat an NBA Hall of Famer on a Topps baseball card from the 60’s!  And I would award the win to Victorino – given the fact he’s from Hawaii, I’ve heard of him before, he doesn’t have a shadow covering his face, and I like the card better.  But this is where I invoke the penalty for Topps not matching guys up correctly.  1964 takes  a split there, so a net of 1.5 points for Heritage.

2013 Heritage leads, 20-15.



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