2013 Heritage vs. Vintage #7 – Managers

2 04 2013

For this post, I’ll do the 3 managers that jumped out at me from Heritage.  I already did the Reds manager comparison, but I’ll do 4 more here.  The managers don’t have trivia questions on the back, so that won’t be featured in this post.

Card #324 – Mets Manager, Terry Collins / Casey Stengel

terry-collins1964-990-FI did this one last year and kind of wanted to do different managers, but this represents Stengel’s last card, and it’s a very cool card at that!  The Mets are going to be in rebuilding mode again right now – sort of like they were in their first and few seasons of existence under Stengel’s guidance.

For what it’s worth, Collins was an upset winner when I did this comparison last year.  The 1963 card of Stengel was a really bad picture.


No upset here.  This Stengel card is a real winner – probably my favorite card that I’ve seen thus far from 1964 Topps.  I love the photo – old Casey in one of those warmup jackets, leaning back, probably watching his lowly Mets look pretty bad in batting practice.  I bet he’s thinking up some great “Stengel-isms” during that moment!  On the other side, I do like the background in the Collins card, but it looks like he got his picture snapped while looking into the sun here.

2013 Heritage leads, 13-11


Card #54 – Twins Manager, Ron Gardenhire / Sam Mele

1964-670-F2013 Heritage Gardenhire

I couldn’t have told you who the Twins’ manager in 1963 was.  I know they had some success after moving the franchise west from DC.  Sam Mele took over part of the way through their first season in Minnesota (1961).  He had a lot of success; he would eventually lead the Twins to the American League pennant in 1965.

Ron Gardenhire has been the Twins’ skipper since 2002, when he took over for Tom Kelly.  The Twins have had only those 2 managers over the last 27 years.


I do like the pose from Mele – that seems like a good manager pose.  And I like the old school look of those uniforms. But something about Gardenhire makes me chuckle.  He seems like a jolly old guy, and I’m going with his card here.

2013 Heritage leads, 14-11


Card #232 – Bob Melvin  / Al Lopez

2013 Heritage Bob Melvin1964-769-FTopps kind of blew it here.  They matched the A’s manager in 2013 up with the White Sox manager from 1964.  This doesn’t make much sense – they could have swapped a few numbers around to make this correct.  The Kansas City A’s manager, Ed Lopat, has card #348 in the 1964 set.  And Robin Ventura is card #118 in Heritage.  Not sure why they didn’t match this up!


I picked this card because I do like Melvin’s card.  I’m a fan of those Yellow A’s jerseys.  But the Lopez card is even cooler – LOOK AT THOSE GLASSES! Plus, Lopez is a Hall of Famer.  And I’ve got to Ding Heritage for not getting the teams right when they easily could have!

2013 Heritage leads, 14-12




2 responses

2 04 2013
Jeff Broderick

Weird Lopez and Stengel have the M in manager capitalized while the Mele and Heritage cards do not.

3 04 2013

Good point. I’d have never caught that!

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