2013 Heritage vs. Vintage #6 – All-Star Rookie Team Outfield

30 03 2013

Post #6 for the Great Heritage Comparison is the last one for comparing the All-Star Rookies.  I’m comparing the outfielders here.  Biggest points awarded to how good the player’s season was, though if one of the cards itself is significantly better, than I’ll factor that in, too.


Here’s the 2013 Heritage cards.  Note, since Topps decided to load up the SP’s this year, these are all hard to get SP cards.  I have the Cespedes and Harper, but still missing the Trout.

2013 Heritage ASR Harper OF

2013 Heritage ASR Cespedes OF


This is about as loaded as you can get.  The two rookie of the year winners, and the AL runner-up in Cespedes (who would have given Harper a run for his money in the NL).  Trout had a historically great season.  Harper was an all-star on top of being Rookie of the Year. And though I’d debate if he should have garnered either award, the dude was 19, and it looks like he could actually get close to living up to his incredible hype.

It’s also worth pointing out that all three of these continue the trend of the picture looking like the trophy said something into their ear.  Looks like Trout got the joke, Cespedes is just confused, and Harper, well, he looks like he might be either listening intently, or about to get really angry.  But he kind of always looks that way.

Here are the the outfielders from the 1963 set (and their 1964 Topps card).

1964 Topps 330 Tommy Harper



Funny that there is a Harper on both of these teams.  None of these guys had great careers – though Harper had a very solid career that included two seasons leading the league in steals and one season leading the league in runs.  He swiped over 400 bases in his career.  Out of all them, only Jimmie Hall had all that great of a rookie season, either.

2013 Heritage – B. Harper (.270/22/59, 597 PA’s – NL RoY)

Trivia question – Which pitcher lost a game after he retired?

Trivia answer – Jim Hearn in 1959, it had been suspended.

Cespedes (.292/23/82, 540 PA’s)

Trivia question – Who is the only man with two 35-game hitting streaks?

Trivia answer – Ty Cobb (40 and 35).

Trout (.326/30/83, 129 R, 49 SB, 639 PA’s – AL RoY)

Trivia question – Who set the AL mark for total bases in a game in 2012?

Trivia answer – Josh Hamilton, 18, on May 8.

1964 Topps – T. Harper (.260/10/37, 465 PA’s)

Trivia question – Already done in a previous post.

Hall (.260/33/80, 571 PA’s)

Trivia question – Which A.L. club holds the HR mark?

Trivia answer – The New York Yankees, 240 in 1961.  (And now it’s 264, from the Mariners in 1997)

Davalillo (.292/7/36, 370 PA’s)

Trivia question – Who led the 1963 Angels in homers?

Trivia answer – Leon Wagner, 26.

Winner – Trout, Harper, and then a tie (Hall and Cespedes).

I don’t think I can really differentiate much between Hall and Cespedes, they both had very good seasons that would have been award-winning if not for a historical rookie season by the AL winner.  This was Hall’s best season in his career, so that’s what it took.  It’s surprising that Heritage didn’t sweep this, but Hall had more homers than any of the guys from 2012.


Overall, that gives 2012 Heritage a 5.5 to 3.5 victory in comparing the All-Star Rookie teams.  I think this teams aren’t really that close, so that sounds about right.  Last year was literally one of the best All-Star Rookie Teams you could imagine – a guy like Wil Rosario has been completely overshadowed, and Nori Aoki didn’t even make the team!  It would be interesting to compare last year’s team to some of the other ASR teams – it would also be interesting to compare them career-wise.  Maybe see which year had the most total WAR.

I’m also giving the bonus point to 2013 Heritage in this case for the better team across the board.  That gives Heritage a very large 3 point lead in this completely arbitrary competition!

Heritage leades, 13-10.




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