2013 Heritage vs. Vintage #3 – Redlegs

25 03 2013

My blog – so I get to do my team next 🙂  This is a fun comparison – the Reds in the early 60’s are comparable to the Reds of now.  One MVP-caliber player who was a really big name, quite a few young players you had to feel good about, and the team was always competitive for the pennant – but never the odds-on favorite.

Card #207 – Dusty Baker / Fred Hutchinson

Let’s start with our fearless leaders!  Dusty gets a bad rap – but he’s a good manager.  Not always the best bullpen manager, but that’s overrated.  Nobody, though, can get the best out of today’s ballplayers like he does!  Unlike last year’s Heritage set, this isn’t a great picture of him.  Not horrible, but not really good.  Maybe if he had his toothpick…

2013 Heritage Reds Dusty

Dusty’s counterpart in the 1964 set is none other than Fred Hutchinson, the first Red to have his number retired.

1964 Topps 207 Fred Hutchinson


Like last year, I have to go with the old school guy here.  It’s nothing against Dusty, but these facts are true, even more now that Chuck Norris has shaved his beard.

  • Fred Hutchinson can slam a revolving door.
  • You can’t tell it from this picture here, but Fred Hutchinson is wearing #1.  As in – he’s #1, don’t forget it.
  • Fred Hutchinson counted to infinity.  Twice.
  • Fred Hutchinson doesn’t read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.
  • That number #1 has not been worn by any other Red player or manager since Fred retired – it hangs on the cement in Great American Ballpark.  It was the first number the Reds ever retired.

2013 Heritage leads, 4-3


Card #260 – Drew Stubbs / Frank Robinson

2013 Heritage Reds Drew Stubbs

Trivia question was already shown in an earlier post.

1964 Topps 260 Frank Robinson

Trivia question – What’s the top A.L. hitting mark since 1900?

Trivia answer – .420 – Ty Cobb and George Sisler.  This question is a bit redundant.  They don’t need to qualify the American League with “since 1900” – it was formed in 1901.

Wait a minute here!  That’s not a Redleg!  I’m thinking about doing a full post on this later, but Topps does this a lot – match up a player that has changed team with a counterpart from his old team.  Wish Robbie would have been matched with Joey Votto instead.


I do like the Indians card.  Why, you ask?  It reminds me that Drew Stubbs and all the frustrations he has have been replaced by Shin Soo Choo.  But I’m not picking against Frank Robinson in those sweet 1960’s Reds uniforms!

Tied, 4-4


Card #45 – Brandon Phillips / Milt Pappas

2013 Heritage Reds Phillips

Trivia question – Who was the last NL catcher to win a batting crown before 2012?

Trivia answer – Ernie Lombardi in 1942 with the Braves.

1964 Topps 45 Milt Pappas

Trivia question – Who holds the homer record for third baseman?

Trivia answer – I can’t find an scratched back of a Pappas card on the internet, so I don’t know how many he had at the end of 1963, but the answer is undoubtedly Eddie Mathews.

Pappas would eventually play for the Reds.  He came over in the 1965 trade of Frank Robinson.  But at this point he was still a pitcher for the Orioles, and he sure doesn’t play second base, so this is not an apt comparison.  I don’t actually recognize that Orioles logo on the side of his uniform – just a version of the bird that I hadn’t seen before!


I don’t like that Topps didn’t do a good match here, but I love that Brandon Phillips card.  It’s a very candid shot of a guy who loves to have a good time.  It’s an example of how to do these up close shots.

2013 Heritage leads, 5-4


Card #80 – Jay Bruce / Vada Pinson

2013 Heritage Reds Jay Bruce

Trivia question – Which catcher started a triple play in 2012?

Trivia answer – A. J. Ellis (Dodgers).

1964 Topps 80 Vada Pinson

Trivia question – Who is known as a fireman in baseball?

Trivia answer – Relief Pitcher.

Finally a spot-on comparison.  It would be pretty cool if the photos were similar, but I guess they’re both smiling?


As much as I want to give Heritage credit for having a correct comparison, Pinson just has a better photo here.

Tied, 5-5


Card #330 – Johnny Cueto / Frank Robinson

2013 Heritage Reds Cueto

Trivia question – Which 2012 team had 7 career 200-HR men on their roster?

Trivia answer – Yankees.  (Duh)

1964 Topps 330 Tommy Harper

Trivia question – Who was the Twins HR king last year?

Trivia answer – Harmon Killebrew, 45.

I’ll be showing this Tommy Harper card again in a later comparison, when I do the All-Star Rookie teams.


I really like the Heritage pose of Johnny Cueto – it’s one of my favorite cards in the set.

2013 Heritage leads, 6-5


Card #420 – Bronson Arroyo / Jim Maloney

This card could have been on my “up close and personal” post from yesterday, though I wanted to do a Reds post since Arroyo was matched up with another Reds pitcher.

2013 Heritage Reds Arroyo

Trivia question – Who was the first to play for 2 teams in a day?

Trivia answer – Max Flack with the Cubs and Cardinals May 30, 1922.

Cliff Heathcote should also be mentioned here.  Heathcote and Flack were traded for each other in between a double-header, and both guys played in the games that day.

1964 Topps 420 Jim Maloney

Trivia question – Which pitcher won 24 straight ballgames?

Trivia answer – Carl Hubbell, Giants.


Maloney has a better photo (albeit with a kind of weird undershirt).  And he went 23-7 in 1963, the last year on the back of his card.

Tied, 6-6



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