2013 Heritage vs. Vintage #2 – Up Close and Personal

23 03 2013

I’ve read quite a bit of talk about the nature of the photography in this year’s Heritage cards.  The photos tend to be – as my title says – up close and personal. This is sort of based off of the photography from the original set, but I think this is a bit overblown.  Yes, there really aren’t action shots in 1964 Topps – but the shots weren’t cropped quite as close as the sets here.

Today I’ll look at comparisons of 5 cards that were more of the notable (and often disliked on the blog-o-sphere) types of these shots.  The first is probably the most talked about Heritage card – card #275 of Kevin Youkilis.  Or rather, card #275 of the shiny bald dome of Kevin Youkilis.

2013 Heritage up close Youkilis

This shows Youk as a Yankee, thought it’s notable that he isn’t going to have that trademark goatee with the team.  Regardless of all that, still an interesting card.

Trivia question – Who was the first latin player elected to the Hall of Fame?

Trivia answer – Roberto Clemente.

Card #275 in 1964 Topps is…

1964 Topps Tsitouris

John Tsitouris.  Who was a pitcher for the Reds in the 1960’s.  Not the standard crossover that Topps usually does here.  Youkilis is from Cincinnati, and their last names kind of sound similar.  So maybe that’s where they were going with this?

Trivia question – Who was the last AL Hurler to win 300 games?

Trivia answer – At that time it was Early Wynn, who had won his 300th and final game (all in the AL) the year before.  He joined Eddie Plank, Walter Johnson, and Lefty Grove as pitchers who have won 300 games in the AL.  Roger Clemens has since joined them.


Reds or Yankees?  And the awesome Reds uniforms from that era?  And a pretty good pose?  I would take the 1964 Topps card most of the time.  But I like Youkilis.  And I like the sheer audacity of this card.

Heritage leads, 2.5-0.5


Next up is former MVP Ryan Braun.  I won’t lie; I picked this card because I don’t like Braun, but I do love that he looks like a tool in this “up close and personal” card.  Kind of a sheepish grin.  He’s thinking, yeah, I know I pulled the wool over MLB’s eyes!

2013 Heritage up close Braun

Trivia question – Who’s the only lefty hitter with 250 HRs as a catcher?

Trivia answer – Yogi Berra with 266.

Card #460 in the ’64 set was a guy you might recognize.  There’s no correlation here, which usually makes me want to take Heritage down a peg.  I’m fair – I give Heritage credit when they do have a good correlation.  But in this case, I think Topps just wanted to get Braun in as a notable name in the high numbers.

1964 Topps B Gibson

Trivia question – Who was the oldest major leaguer?

Trivia answer – Nick Altrock is listed on the card.  He played as a 57-year old in 1933 when he played his last game.  And at the time, that was probably believed correct.

This is an interesting one, though.  Charlie O’Leary played in a game in 1934 for the St. Louis Browns, 21 years after he had last played in the Big Leagues.  He got a hit and a run.  More research has been done since then, and it’s been determined that O’Leary was 2 years older than previously thought, so he actually should have been on the card!  Satchel Paige would later pass both of them, playing as a 59-year old in 1965.


Adam Wainwright or Chris Carpenter would have been a good parallel here.  And, like I said, Braun is a douche and a cheater.  Unlike Bob Gibson.  Who is a badass.  I don’t know if I’d ever pick against Bob Gibson in a comparison like this, he might brush me back!

2013 Heritage leads, 2.5-1.5


Next up is another one of those photos that you just have to say “whoa”!!!!

Asdrubal Cabrera, he whom my friends love to make inappropriate jokes about his name.  If they see this card, that would certainly continue tenfold.  That’s an interesting smile – it almost seems like he’s trying extra hard to show off those braces!

2013 Heritage up close A Cabrera

Trivia question – Who were the 2012 Comeback Players of the Year?

Trivia answer – Buster Posey and Fernando Rodney.

Card #31 for 1964 Topps is Dave Nicholson.  Topps isn’t picking very well here.  That’s 3 cards this post with no appropriate crossover!  Nicholson is not a shortstop, he’s not an Indian, and in fact he plays for their bitter rival the White Sox.  He doesn’t even have braces for crying out loud!

1964-Topps 31 Dave Nicholson

Trivia question – Who was the A.L. Batting Champ in 1963?

Trivia answer – Carl Yastrzemski.


The Cabrera card is so bad it’s good. But Nicholson looks like he’ll beat me up if I don’t give him the win here.  I’ll waffle and go with a tie again.  Please don’t hurt me Mr. Nicholson!

2013 Heritage leads, 3-2


The last up close and personal card has a little more flair for recent trends.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t know of anyone with dreads back in 1964.  But Jemile Weeks in 2013 sure has some locks!

2013 Heritage up close J Weeks

Trivia question – Which was the first team, in 1961, to hit 4 straight HRs?

Trivia answer – Braves (Mathews, Aaron, Adcock, Thomas).  Interestingly, it was done 2 more times in the early 60’s, then it was 42 years before it happened again 4 times between 2006 and 2010.

Card #395 is Tom Tresh of the Yankees.  So Topps had an “O-fer” with matching Heritage up for these 4 cards.

1964 Topps 395 Tom Tresh

Trivia question – Who compiled the most strikeouts in a game in ’63?

Trivia answer – Jim Maloney, Reds.  16 strikeouts.


I like the Weeks card better.  That’s the kind of player / photo to do an “up close and personal” card for.  Despite the Tresh card having a Reds answer to the trivia.

2013 Heritage leads, 4-2




2 responses

23 03 2013

Wow, that is simply a terrible job by Topps this year with the matching of sets. I’m more than a little disappointed, I have to admit.

23 03 2013

Yeah – we’ll see how they do as I do a few more of these. I think it will get a little better, but I can’t believe a random pick of 4 and they didn’t match up at all!

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