2013 Heritage box break & 1964 comparison

18 03 2013

OK, after a few days on other stuff, I’m back to my overview of this year’s Topps Heritage and the 1964 Topps set.  This is the break of my first Heritage hobby box.  Like last year, I bought 2 hobby boxes this year.  I’m probably a little less excited than I was the past two years about it, just because the 1964 set isn’t nearly as cool of a design as 1962 or 1963.

I bought my 2 boxes the weekend before last when I was back home in Cincinnati.  There was a card show in the Holiday in Sharonville that I was shocked to learn is still around.  I remember going there as a kid with my mom and brother.  It’s still going, some 15 years later!

2013 Heritage box

Like I did last year, I want to do these posts in a way that copies what I’m doing with the Topps base sets while at the same time being able to compare it to the older set.

Like last year, I don’t think I’d ever owned a card from the 1964 set!

2013 Heritage box 1 topper buyback Koppe

Well, I do now.  The Box Topper was one of the 50th Anniversary cards (you’re other options are 3-card Ad Panels or a rehash of the 1964 Topps Giants cards).  Topps bought these back from the secondary market and stamped them.  The card is not in great condition, and the trivia question on the back has been scratched off.  But it’s cool to get at the start of the box – it let’s you see the set that Heritage is based on.

I didn’t get anything crazy in this box.  It was a solid example of what Heritage is – a good tribute to the old set, and a challenging set to complete.  The relic I got was a Clubhouse Collection of Billy Butler – so that’s about as weak as I could do for my 1 “hit” (relic or auto).

2013 Heritage box 1 Clubhouse Butler

I’m not complaining, though – hits aren’t the point of Heritage.  It’s a great set with high quality base cards that I want to complete.  You basically get 1 “insert” per pack, if you count SPs as inserts.  The one gripe that people have pointed out this year, and I agree with, is the change in card stock.  The previous two years it was not only thicker, but it just seemed like better paper.  This is the Allen & Ginter paper stock (and also Gypsy Queen I think).

Anyways, here are the parallel cards I pulled.  No minis, but I did get a Venezuelan parallel card of John Lester.2013 Heritage box 1 Venezuelan Lester

And I think that the Chrome parallels go really nice with this design.  I wish they were a little easier to pull – they’re numbered out of 999 instead of out of 1964 as they would have been in previous years.

2013 Heritage box 1 chrome

There are again two kinds of “flashback” inserts.  The Baseball Flashbacks cover some things that happened in 1964 in the baseball world, while the News Flashbacks what happened in the world at large.  In Heritage, you get a little bit of history with your baseball card collection.  You get 2 of each kind.  Mary Poppins and the introduction of the Ford Mustang – pretty interesting stuff to read about.

2013 Heritage box 1 Flashbacks

A couple of things to note – Topps hasn’t re-upped with the Mantle family, so he’s a notable omission.  Also, I really hate that they done number these damn cards – they are “lettered” (AP, etc.).  I LOATHE when Topps does this.  It’s OK for relics or autos – cards you don’t try to complete a set for.  Not for insert sets.

Next up is the Then & Now insert sets.  These compare a current year player with a guy from 1964, and how they did in a statistical category.  They compare the 1964 statistics with the 2012 stats, which is how they’ve done it previously.  However, I think it’s kind of weird – if you’re comparing this with the 1964 set, it would have 1963’s statistics on the cards.  Oh well!

2012 Heritage box 1 Then + Now

There is a new set called Memorable Moments that only has current year players, and describes notable feats in 2012.  The back-to-back 1-hitters for Dickey is a pretty good feat, though I’m not quite as sure about setting the Rangers rookie wins record!

2013 Heritage box 1 Memorable Moments

The last insert set is “New Age Performers”.  This also statistically compares a newer players to someone from the past, though it only features the current player.  Pretty interesting reads, for sure.

2013 Heritage box 1 New Age Performers

Below are the “stats” for the box.

24 packs per box * 9 cards per pack +1 50th Anniversary – 1 card for the pack with relic = 216 cards

192 of the 425 card base set (45% set completion)

8 SP cards

200 of the 500 card full set (40% set completion)

2 Baseball Flashbacks

2 News Flashbacks

3 New Age Performers

2 Then & Now

2 Memorable Moments

2 Chrome

1 Venezuelan

1 Clubhouse Collection Relic (Butler)

Box Topper – 1 50th Anniversary Buyback

Next up – here’s a fictitious 1964 box!

1964 Topps wax box

If you wanted to collect the 1964 Topps set at the time of release – that would mean you’d have 7 series of packs/boxes to purchase throughout the year.  The standard wax packs came 5 cards per pack and (I think) 24 packs per box, and at least some versions of the 5-card packs had one Topps Coin inserted.  Those cost 5¢.  There were also 1-card “penny” packs and 10-card packs with 2 coins.  Every series was under 120 cards, so hopefully if you bought 7 boxes back in 1964, you’d have something close to a full set.

You’d also get quite a few coins, you could probably be pretty close to finishing that 164 coin set if you bought boxes!  Or even just a few packs a week throughout the summer like kids probably did back then.  There were 120 regular coins in the first 4 or 5 series, then there were 44 all-star coins, which were available in the later series packs.

1964 Topps Coins mantle

These days, coming across an unopened pack is a rare find – they’d probably go for a few hundred bucks, and well-graded ones even more than that.  Just a wrapper itself would cost you ~40 bucks.




5 responses

18 03 2013

hello again! long time, no comment – but heritage always brings me back (if always counts as this year and last!)

anyway, i really enjoyed your breakdown – i collected heritage a bit differently this year… doing a few home improvement projects made me reconsider cash – so i’m trying to see if i can do it a bit cheaper… last year i bought two hobby boxes, then started the trek to chase the SPs – let’s see if i can top that… still going for the master set, i think…

18 03 2013

I’m up for trading when you get there! I have a whole bunch of doubles this time.

20 03 2013

i have doubles of all the diamondbacks, because i bought a team set cheap to grab the 3 SP’s – so any d-backs you need, i could send you. any doubles of SPs you get, i would like (perhaps just Kinsler?) i also have some topps 2013 series 1 – i’ll go through your want list this weekend…

20 03 2013

Sounds good, if you’ve got a wantlist, I’ll have plenty of doubles, too.

21 03 2013
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