2013 Turkey Red – 6 packs

28 02 2013

As mentioned yesterday, I was able to get in early enough and purchase some Turkey Red packs through Topps online promotion.  Topps had a pre-sale, selling packs for $20 each.  That sold out very quickly, and then a week later they had a regular sale for $25 each.  That also sold out very quickly.  I got in on the pre sale and ordered 6 packs.  I think my reasoning for 6 was free shipping.  If I remember right, getting over 100 bucks got you free shipping.  Since it was really $19.99, to get over that amount I needed 6.  And it seemed like a good number.  Here’s what the packs look like – they were really cardboard mini-boxes that I think are meant to remind you of some tobacco packaging from the early 20th century.

2013 Turkey Red pack

The way these work, there are 10 regular cards and 1 autograph in each pack.  I didn’t pull any major mojo, and I got quite a few more doubles than I would have preferred (43 singles, 17 doubles).

2013 Turkey Red cards

But the cards are really nice.  The design is nice, the pictures are pretty good.  The card stock seems better than some of the other retro releases Topps has (like Gypsy Queen).  I also like that these are only current players.

2013 Turkey Red cards_0001

And, naturally, I got 6 autographs.  I showed one of them yesterday.  And I got one double of the auto, too.  Here’s the 4 other autographs.  Nothing to write home about, but I think that’s the nature of this type of purchase – there’s a chance at something really nice, but you may not pull a huge hit.  I bought this product because of the base cards, though, which are very nice as I said above!

2013 Turkey Red autos



4 responses

1 03 2013

Very nice looking cards; thanks for sharing. Though some of the photographs are clearly recycled (and not for the first time, in some cases). You’d think Topps would at least reward its customers with some image variation, no?

1 03 2013

Do you have ant Red Sox you are willing to part with?

2 03 2013
30-Year Old Cardboard

I’m really liking these cards. Time for me to examine the checklist a bit closer.

It’s also nice to see Steve Cisek get a little ‘hobby love’

2 03 2013

They are very nice cards. It’s a sticker dump by Topps, but the cards themselves are quality

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