Ty Cobb the King – Panini Golden Age Mini comparisons

26 02 2013

I did minis with Broad Leaf backs and Croft’s Candy advertisements over the last two days, the last one is the rarer back out of the retro card backs available. Ty Cobb King of the Tobacco World – T-206 Cobb King of the Tobacco World This version of the the Ty Cobb T-206 portrait had some recent news in the baseball card world.  For comparison, the Honus Wagner T-206 card is the most valuable baseball card out there, and one of the two most famous cards in history.  It’s the “holy grail” of baseball cards.  But this card known as the “Cobb/Cobb” (as opposed to the Cobb/Broadleaf or the Cobb/Piedmont) is quite a bit rarer.  There are 16 known backs to the T-206 set, but only the red Ty Cobb portrait has this advertising back.  It’s an advertisement for a Ty Cobb brand of tobacco.  There’s a lot more to read about it here, but here’s a good article with the details.

2012 Panini GA box minis Broadleaf Cobb back

Panini paid homage to this with a rare (1 per box) mini.  Each card, not just the Cobb, has a version.  Of course, Cobb is the only player who has a card with this back in the original T-206 set and the Panini Golden Age product. Picture 6 There’s also one mini you can get in the product that isn’t a parallel – it’s a direct throwback to the T-206 set.  The holy grail itself, a reprint of the Wagner card.

Panini Golden Age Wagner

There’s also one more mini – it’s a parallel that doesn’t have a direct correlation to a tobacco era set.  Panini put its own logo on the back of the cards, with a knight and a lance.  Kind of cool, though I don’t like 1 of 1 cards in general.

Ty Cobb Panini black mini front

Ty Cobb Panini black mini




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