Panini Golden Age Mini comparisons – Croft’s Candy

25 02 2013

The WordPress theme I’ve had for the entire existence of this blog went kaput today.  So I changed up.  Not sure if I’ll keep this one or not.  I like it ok – it does seem like it uses space better.

I did Broad Leaf backs yesterday, today I’ll compare another card back available in Panini Golden Age.  The Croft’s Candy cards were from the same tobacco era as the T206 set – but as the name indicates, they came from a different product.

Croft’s Candy – E92

The Croft’s Candy minis are harder to get than the Broad Leaf counterparts – I think 3 or so red ones per box and about 1 blue per box.

2012 Panini GA box minis Broadleaf Croft back

The original Croft’s Candy cards were from the E-92 set, which also has a few different backs itself.  There were 50 cards from this set, which was issued in 1909.  These cards came with candy products – I think the others are Croft’s Cocoa, Dockman and Sons, and Nadja Caramel.  The different colors here is in fact historically accurate, unlike the Broad Leaf blue cards above.

Picture 5

3 players are in both of these sets – 3 carryovers from yesterday’s post; Cobb, Crawford, and Eddie Collins.  There’s only one photo to pick from this set – unlike the T206 where some players have 5 or 6 photo variations.

Picture 4 Picture 3 Picture 3




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