Panini Golden Age – checking out the base cards

23 02 2013

Now that I’ve finished opening my box of Panini Golden Age, here’s a look at some of the base cards.  I haven’t had time to get a want list up on this stuff, and I’m not sure if it would matter – I haven’t seen too many bloggers write about this product.  I’m behind on getting back to people on trades anyways 🙂

I can kind of link each scan below to the next one, so that makes it kind of interesting.

This is a primarily baseball set, I think about 75% is of baseball players.  But there are two non-baseball “themes” the cards advertised.  The first was cards of the Three Stooges.  Supposedly these are the first cards of Larry, Moe and Curly. Another cool option to get into this set would have been Abbott and Costello, being a baseball set and all!

2012 Panini GA Three Stooges


Another group of three was the focus of the other non-baseball theme.  There are quite a few cards of horse racing legends – Triple Crown winners from horses to jockeys to owners.  There’s even an autographed insert of the three living Triple Crown jockeys (Cauthen, Turcotte, and Jean Cruguet).  I don’t have Cruguet or some of the others yet, but here’s six of them.

2012 Panini GA horse racing

I can connect this back to baseball pretty easily.  From horse racing’s Triple Crown to baseball’s version of that feat.  There are five Triple Crown winners in this set – Cobb, Williams, Hornsby, Foxx, Robinson and Yastrzemski.  This would be a cool theme to base a card set on, by the way.  There are contractual rights here, but if you pulled it all together that would be neat.  Panini has a Nap Lajoie card in the product – a relic – just not a base card, plus they have some teammates from Joe Medwick and Lou Gehrig.  Chuck Klein is another player from that era.  Mickey Mantle would be tough, I’m sure, and the others are either really old (Paul Hines, Tip O’Neill) or still active (Miguel Cabrera).

2012 Panini GA Triple Crown baseball

Ty Cobb is one of those players, and he used to be the All-Time Hit King.  Until Pete Rose passed him in 1985.  There are 3 members of the Big Red Machine in this set – Rose, Bench and Perez.

2012 Panini GA base Big Red Machine

Rose is also on baseball’s banned list.  And this set also features the whole Black Sox team.  I got seven of the infamous 8, and I did get a mini of Lefty Williams, so here they are.

2012 Panini GA Black Sox

Eddie Collins was on that 1919 White Sox team – he eventually made the Hall of Fame after notching over 3,000 hits.  Here’s his card and a few other Hall of Famers from this set.  Burleigh Grimes is a pretty cool name here – one you don’t see a lot – the last legal spitballer.

2012 Panini GA Collins and HOFers

From Hall of Fame players, there are two Hall of Fame broadcasters.  Joe Garagiola and Tony Kubek were both good players, but they won the Ford Frick award in their post-baseball careers.

2012 Panini GA Ford Frick award winners

From them, I’ll move back away from baseball.  Broadcasters report on the game as it happens – but these guys investigated and reported on Watergate while it was happening.

2012 Panini GA Woodward and Bernstein

OK, the last couple were pictures I couldn’t really link in.  There are three more Hall of Fame Tigers in the set (other than Cobb), I thought that was cool.  And there are a few athletes outside of baseball that I thought had pretty cool cards.  I’m a former high school mile runner, and the Jim Ryun card is particularly cool.

2012 Panini GA other sports 2012 Panini GA Tigers




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