A look back at the 1916 BF2 Ferguson Bakery Pennants

18 02 2013

Ferguson Bakery BF2 Crawford

Yesterday I looked at the first set copied in the recent Panini Golden Age product.  Today we’ll go a few years forward to the set designated as BF2 in the baseball card catalogs – a set also known as the Ferguson Bakery Pennant set.

There are 2 pennant sets from this time period attributed to Ferguson Bakery, a bakery in the Boston area.  However the reading that I did on the Net54 Baseball Forum makes me think the more common set actually wasn’t a product of that bakery.

There was a promotion from that bakery where photo cards (called “coupons”) were included with a 5¢ bread loaf.  You could send in 50 of those cards and get either a pillow top or a premium pennant.  The Advertisement is below (thanks to Vintage Cubbies for the photo).

Ferguson Bakery Advertisement

Here’s an example of one of the pennants – thanks to the Net54 forum for this, too.  I just joined that and it’s a great place for info on stuff like this!

Ferguson Bakery Premium Pennant Eddie Collins

Those premium pennants are not the BF2 pennants – they are far more rare, with only 8 known to exist.  Also, at 9″ x 25″, are much bigger.  They clearly look similar though, and I think the leap has been that since the premium pennants must also be associated with Ferguson.  So no one knows for sure where the BF2 sets came from, but they’re noted as such, and that’s the set that Panini was copying with the box topper insert in the Golden Age product.

Ferguson Bakery BF2 LajoieThere are 97 pennants in the BF2 set.

  • Set Design: They measure just under 3″ x  6″.  The felt pennants can be found in multiple different colors, and feature a photo inset that’s 1-1/4″ x 1-3/4″.  The photo included is the same photo used for the Sporting News M101-4 set from that time period.
  • Packs: As mentioned above, it’s not really known how these pennants were obtained – though it’s currently listed as a Ferguson Bakery product.
  • Hall of Fame: There are 23 Hall of Famers in this set.
    • Harry Hooper, Eddie Collins, Charles Comiskey, Ed Walsh, Ty Cobb, Sam Crawford, Hughie Jennings, Home Run Baker, Nap Lajoie, Connie Mack, George Sisler, Walter Johnson, Johnny Evers, Rabbit Maranville, Rube Marquard, Mordecai Brown, Joe Tinker, John McGraw, Grover Alexander, Chief Bender, Max Carey, Honus Wagner, Miller Huggins
  • Last Active player: Hall of Famer Rabbit Maranville was the last active player from this set.  Near the end of his career in 1934, he broke a bone in his leg in an exhibition, and was forced to sit out the entire season.  He came back in 1935, playing in just 23 games for the Boston Braves.  His final game was September 29th of that year, against the New York Giants.  He was the only HOF-er that day, but the Giants were managed by future HOF-er Bill Terry.  Maranville beat out Joe Judge, who finished up the year before.
  • First Active player: Another HOF-er, Nap Lajoie, who played his first game for the Phillies in 1896.  1916 was his final season.
  • Other note: Oscar Stanage is in this set, and he was also included in the Newark Evening set I featured yesterday.  Quite an interesting coincidence – nearly 90 years later, who would know Panini would put out a product paying tribute to both sets, causing me to notice (and post about) this completely random, useless and awesome tidbit of info!
  • Variations: The pennants can be found in many different colors.



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